No informed delivery

So my address isn't eligible for informed delivery
(multiple addresses for the same 4 digit zip extension) so I cant access any tracking info. Is there any chance you could send tracking info for addresses ineligible for ID? I know there's probably no good, secure way around this, but I thought I'd ask just in case. Thanks!


  • I doubt it. They only give out the tracking numbers if a package has still not arrived after 2 full weeks. The informed delivery has been a great addition to their process. Definite peace of mind for the customer. Sorry you are ineligible for informed delivery. Maybe they will change that soon.

  • Sorry but we're not! Tracking numbers are our number 1 request so if there were a way we could give them out without compromising security, we'd be doing it! Unfortunately, without informed delivery, our model works a bit on trust.

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    I agree and few bad you can’t use it. Informed Delivery is incredible, I know days in advance when the package is coming, and even the exact minute it arrives that day. Then I always leave work to head home real quick, with a giant smile on my face!

  • Yeah, I figured it was a shot in the dark. I'll just have to hope usps develops a refined zip code system soon! Thanks for answering my question :smiley:

  • That stinks, sorry, Yaqui. Most of the time informed delivery is a great convenience. Sometimes it's a pain.

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