Is loud dropping today?



  • Team Salmon River OG. 🙋

  • @v32Finish right on, yeah had to see what that was about and won't be upset either way if they split with the animal mintz or not but I've never tried either so be nice

  • Yes the sharks must feasting with Loud off the board now.

  • @Vapedad78 funny.... The animal mintz is the other strain I almost ordered. If I was ordering enough for a split, that would've been it . Can't wait to see

  • edited January 8

    @medman I’ve done 3 contact forms about my order with Loud of 1/4 Premium Wedding Mints Idk what happened to my package I’m assuming it got lost due to USPS I had ordered another package with MedMama which I did receive after 5 days and I believe USPS could have interpreted my mm package as a reshipment from Loud as a replacement because I no longer see details about my package from Loud on informed delivery if Loud would like to replace me I would love to have a 1/4 of Sour Joker for my replacement before it sells out thanks :)

  • Yeah I just barely did so won't be too disappointed either way but thought they both sounded interesting

  • I saw all the new Loud strains early this afternoon and just went back to order ... is every strain really all sold out or is it a glitch with the site (assuming the former)?

  • @Tjlando Loud just exceeded the amount of orders they can handle today. It will be back up...

  • @LifeLong14 awesome, thanks! Saw lots of great stuff and kicking myself for waiting 4 hours :) I’ll keep on checking!

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