Is loud dropping today?

Is loud dropping today on the 7th or 8th? @LoudnCo



  • I think we’re all assuming it’s coming any second now 🥳

  • Finally bro @Joha

  • Is Loud going be back I need them to replace my order from December 4th that I never received it end up getting lost somewhere smh USPS u guys are assholes u NEVER lose a man’s weed that’s just unacceptable lol

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    @LoudnCo are u guys back yet I really need to know about my package from December 4th I ordered did you get it sent back to you or did it get lost is it somewhere because I sure didn’t get it and USPS were assholes toward me so I just quit talking to them altogether I’m the guy who had a 1/4 of Premium Wedding Mints...

  • @Moochy write medboy bro he always gets everything straightened out he's a good dude got my order replaced when my pack went missing about month and half ago patience is the key especially right now with the holidays and pandemic

  • @Zackarrry I already talked to medboy I was told “to wait until Loud comes back from vacation” according to the schedule that’s posed to be today tryna catch them ASAP so they won’t forget

  • waiting patiently .. hehe

  • It says through the 7th meaning they return on the 8th, I assume.

  • @Moochy according to the dates that they've posted Loud will be gone through the 7th meaning his first day back will not be until the 8th which is tomorrow not today. They also said not to expect to see them on the boards until the day before they return which means there might be a chance he'll be on here today but there won't be anything dropped until tomorrow at the earliest.

  • I'm assuming the 8th also, but will be checking alot today. Still have MM order from 2nd with no label yet. Perfect storm of holidays, Covid and an always under performing USPS. The ability to go to a dispensary in person has to be a wonderful feeling !!

  • @Moochy we will be back have no fear. I love this job too much to quit. :)

  • @Moochy and no we never get a package sent back to us. If it is returned to sender it is most certainly not returned to us.

  • I was just in Denver and trust me the weed is not as good as some of the weed I have had from this site and the taxes will kill ya!!!!

  • Returned to sender...hilarious! Hey LoudnCo!

  • @LoudnCo oh ok well thanks for the information I’ll continue to be patient after all patience is a virtue I just hope u guys can replace me with another good premium if it’s not Premium Wedding Mints that I ordered then anything premium I’ll take it doesn’t even matter what strain it is or rather it’s indica or sativa I don’t even care at this point lol

  • @cmweems1964 I thought the same thing. I tired several strains from different locations in Denver and tossed them in the trash before leaving. I also tried this in DC and Mass when they legalized with the same results. I have a higher tolerance due to the bud on this site.

  • Moochy tell Medboy he is the go-to guy with issues with orders they want to keep the customer service off the forum

  • buds yea what a racket they're making a killing there and the hotels are full of folks shipping shit all over the US.

  • I went to a usps there right behind a dispensary to drop off my packages and the smell about knocked you down.

  • Just put up back on the board..expecting them to send a new list soon!

  • @medman they're adding more to loudnco list i hope so nothing is really that appealing to me

  • @Zackarrry they have some great looking shatter! That ice cream cake is calling me and the pineapple one too

  • Got a half of Jaeger. I keep hearing great things about last batch. Hope this batch is 🔥

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    Was going to take a break but. OD Jager back in the house!

    hellsyeah welcome back @LoudnCo 💋

  • Had to grab an oz of Jager. It's been a long time!
    Also went for Magic Melon. Fruit Loops didn't last 15+ minutes again and missed out. Other Premiums look nice. Wish my account was "stimulated"

  • @MizterNiceGuy it has been a long time! It won't last long either. :wink:

  • I had the Fruit Loops on my order form and switched it to Ceaser last minute. Figured I'd try something different @MizterNiceGuy

  • Considered jaeger for a min but had to try salmon and possible animal mint split

  • @OneLove Absolutely! Looked Caesar up & it looks promising. Grabbed some of that & Jager.

  • @TheProfessor too long. A full year since we've seen Jager in any form. It'll be gone by tomorrow, I'm sure.

    @OneLove totally understand as I'm not sad at all about missing out on Fruit Loops. I've had plenty plenty! New strain is in order. Maybe the Salmon & Ceasar will stick around for a week or so..

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