I promised myself I wouldn’t........ but

_I knew loud would be coming back in the next day or two and I promised myself I would only look at the menu and not purchase anything because I have quite a large selection right now but I clicked and saw that they had the outdoor jager which I have seen post after post raving about I had to pull the trigger. Well I guess since bitcoin has gone so crazy the last few days it is kind of free which makes it a bit nicer


  • My abstinence effort lasted less than a month for the same reason. but hey, stim check 💸

  • Duuude, I knew the moment I saw the drop that my bank account was going to drop as well. Had to get some of them Indicas.

    Indoor Animal Mints
    Indoor Golden Pineapple
    Indoor Jungle Punch #4
    Premium Salmon River OG

    I want to try the Mendo Breath one day, but I can't bring myself to spend anymore at the moment lol

  • @ozbaxter god knows I didn’t need it I’m currently well stocked but I just had to try it I remember reading you were getting a solo 2 have you tried it yet

  • @Neverenoughsleep Not yet, I'm supposed to be getting my Blueberry Muffin in tomorrow and am going to use that to break it in. Something clean and fresh. Cannot wait

  • Nice! @OzBaxter Looking forward to your pics/reviews once they arrive. I picked up outdoor Jager & prem Caesar.

  • I love breaking up the blueberry muffin bud it smells just like blueberries I think you will be amazed at how much you conserve

  • Yeah DITTO I swore I wouldn't do it but as mamma told me never swear. I pulled on the boss crc ,jager ,blackjack and sour Jack and I topped it off with some wedding cake. Stimulus money 🌬 but on a great cause, staying warm, waxed Stoned down right deboned for a snowy January. Dwelling icey but spicy

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