Loud order.

Just out of curiosity anyone that ordered from loud when they came back live Thursday seeing a label?


  • No label yet, also Thursday.

  • No label yet I ordered Friday and Medboy says it will ship today. Ordered from Med mama on Wednesday 1-6-21 still no label medboy confirmed they shipped on the 6th so 🤷‍♂️

  • Give them a break y’all. They technically are off on the weekends. I’m sure Loud had some past orders to deal with as well. Labels will come soon. Remember they are not Amazon

  • Was a simple question. I’ve been around long enough to know how it works. A question is not hounding anyone.

  • Overall and in general ID is not even remotely accurate and for many people packages never show up on ID at all. When I go into ID I can look at the letters that I will be receiving that day in the mail and that I've received in the recent past. The only way a package will show up on ID is if I manually enter a tracking number. It's one of the most inaccurate systems and it's not even worth wasting your time.

  • I've got stuff late and stuff supposed to be in tomorrow now going back and forth cross the state skipping closest hub, transport is ridiculous right now, still

  • @Bobn218 i just answered u. No hounding was implied.

  • No but that’s not unusual when I’ve ordered on a Thursday/Friday from them. ID has been flawless during the few years I’ve been buying here. Lucky I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I’m thinking labels will pop up by sometime Monday PM. Maybe later since their crew just got back from holiday on Friday and I think lots of us jumped once they went live...

  • Patience My fellow stoners your package will arrive.

  • Oh My yes i hate these times still no label I ordered with in a hr of loud coming back up I'm sure their butt asss slammed right now I'm sure we crushed them !!! they maxed out three days in a row never saw that before.

  • @cmweems1964 no label yet placed order same time frame

  • What time did they come back up ..I put mine in quick too..waiting on a label...love my loud

  • @Steeldude i would say 5:30ish est. I had been waiting for loud to come back for a few days so I could order right away so was watching. Label was created showing 11am or so today for my order.

  • i can;t even check... my ID is totally busted... it's showing like 60 some packages are coming to my house, and they all say the same thing "USPS web tool" something or other. i have a couple random actual packages scattered in there, but haven't seen a label yet for either one of my orders from Loud :/ again, though.. not really worried about it. and def. cant trust what USPS says. they've at least been getting a little bit better where i'm at.. but still not back to normal.

  • Mee tooo !!! Preship!!!

  • I ordered from Loud on Friday and label was created yesterday(1/11) at 5:30PM. I am in the southeast and usually get it within 5/6 days of label being created.

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