Informed Delivery / Shipping Times

I live in GA, ordered on the 1/4... does informed delivery always show the package ahead of time? Anyone have any experience with deliveries coast to coast?


  • Iā€™m in SE GA. my personal experience is informed has been reliable for the most past. About a year using normal is 5/6 days.

  • I am in MD area and I have gotten packages without showing once on ID. I believe it depends on the USPS scanning the package.

  • Thanks lots yall!!! šŸ˜

  • First I just want to comment that shipping times seem to be improving. I ordered a half of bb zkittlez last week Monday 1/4 and it arrived today. I am in the midwest not on the coast though and I don't know what your usual shipping times are but this was only about a day or two longer than my average shipping in the past. As far as ID goes not everyone has packages show up for them on ID. When I go into ID I cannot see any packages unless I manually enter a tracking number for the package. I can see all of the letters that are coming in the mail that day but I can't see packages. ID is not all that accurate of a system overall and I wouldn't rely too heavily on it.

  • @LilWitchyGrl this is my first shipment... I'll just be checking my box for it daily I suppose... This feedback has been great as I am super new to this.

  • @akes you said it was your 1st did you just sign up for inform delivery if so it wont show but if you had it before you ordered then it could be a missed scan

  • @MoonMan5 ahhhh, I signed up after the order.... maybe that's why

  • So there it was today after work in my mailbox!!! Color me impressed!!

  • @akes watch out for the mail stalkers .try not to leave any packs in your box for long. friendly advice!

  • @Kayla thanks!! I need all the advice! šŸ˜

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