No label

5 days no label I have always had a lebel within 3 days . Is anyone else experienceing the same issue



  • @Tac yes multiple times no label then 5 or 7 days later theirs a box right where its supposed to be. (Mail box) ! Then 2 days after I done received the package boom it shows up on informed delivery. It gets crazy sometimes. It's on the way I guarentee you

  • I am on 8 days and no label or anything. My mailman just left and nothing. I hope it doesn’t take 22 days like last one.

  • Placed on order on 1/5 here it is 1/12, exactly 7 days later and no label on (un)informed delivery.

  • (Un)informed is the truth @stab_snipers !

  • Yep ordered on 1/6/21 from Mama was told it shipped nothing on ID haven’t gotten it yet.

  • That's at least 6 customers in the boat with no label. I see that @icdeadpeople ordered from Mama, and my order was also through Mama. Which shippers did the rest of you order from?

  • @Stab_Snipers i ordered from Mama and still nothing.

  • Loud labeled shipped on way across US friday delivery ordered with in a hr of loud coming back on line last week

  • Mail came and went nothing from Med Mama! Hopefully it makes it soon. This is getting ridiculous.

  • @Tac dis you get tour package?

  • No showing on way

  • I have always always always gotten a label, but then package sometimes won’t be scanned along the way, but once it’s here, my mailman is not delivering ANYTHING , to my house, without being scanned.

  • Another day and nothing! I am starting to think that they package wasn’t sent. It would be nice to just get a notification of when they ship the packages.

  • My last 2 packages haven't shown up on ID
    & it used to work flawlessly. I wouldn't rely on it.

  • @icdeadpeople, let’s hope we get it soon. The USPS is all over the place.

  • @mpou10 oh I agree I’m sure it will come see what tomorrow brings!

  • I've had packages take up to 31 days! But, like medboy says, Medman always delivers; )

  • @mpou10 did you get it today?

  • Anybody order this past Tuesday and see a label yet?

  • In the same boat here as a few others. Ordered on Tuesday, Jan 5 and haven't seen a label yet. I've (luckily) received labels for all of the orders made in 2020 so this is a new occurrence.

  • ^^ Forgot to mention that I ordered from Medmama

  • @Rubygirl816 Unfortunately No! This is ridiculous.

  • @Rubygirl816 I placed another order this past Tuesday and I haven’t seeing any label created or anything. The order from this Tuesday is with Loud.

  • @mpou10 mine is from Loud as well. No label yet either. I’m so sorry your still waiting for your order still from Medmama. I know when I’ve waited for packages that were late over the holidays I was losing my shit. I hope you get it soon.

  • @Rubygirl816
    I ordered Tues from Loud as well with no label, but I've had packages both from Mama, and Loud not show up on ID before, so I'm not trippin about it yet.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 mine popped up tonight 😊 I’m good hopefully your does too. I’m not out so as long as label is there I’m good.

  • @Rubygirl816 so you got a label created? I haven’t seeing anything on either of my orders. One is from med mama from the 5th and the other from loud from the 12th.

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