Ordered Fire OG Carts: Received Substitution Gelato

I ordered the fire og pre-filled vape carts from med mama and just opened my package but inside the carts were wrapped in a paper towel that said “Sub. Gelato”. Has anyone gotten this gelato vape cartridge? If so, what’s your opinion on the quality? I ask because I specifically ordered the fire og because I wanted an indica strain but I don’t see any description for gelato on the website. Any input would be helpful.



  • I haven't had that particular Gelato cartridge.. but i am a fan of gelato in general.. and if you were looking for an indica, i think you'll be pleased with it (although it's a hybrid or whatever, i always get very indica effects from pretty much all gelatos) ... anyway, again, i haven't had that one specifically as i pretty much stick to only the vape refills, and not the pre-filled, but.. i have always had good luck with medmama vapes :) i think if the quality is good & it's a good Gelato cart, you'd probably be happy with it

    hope yours turns out OK!! let us know how it goes :sunglasses:

  • I am an indica girl and I love gelato. I’ve never bought the prefilled carts, only the refills and I love them. If you type gelato marijuana or even gelato weed, something will come up for it. I think you will like it.

  • I’ve had both carts from med mama and can attest they are both very good, Fire OG seems a little more indica leaning than Gelato for me but if I smoke enough of anything they all turn more indica after a while. Hope gelato does what you need for it to do.
    Seems stock should be refreshed soon and keep your eyes out for Do-Si-anything or a nice blackberry or kush anything and that should set you right. May your quest be bountiful!

  • Thank you for the comments! I tried it last night and it was definitely a very heavy hitting indica type feeling. Very strong so I think I only need 1 puff next time haha. Overall very good though.

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