Med Mama

There are no products listed for Med Mama anymore. All I'm seeing are products from Loud & Co. Just curious as to why that is? I placed an order with Med Mama yesterday so I'm kinda worried now.


  • Was just about to ask about this. Hope everyone/thing okay over at medmama

  • I hope so too. But I just spent a lot of money on an order yesterday with MedMama so I'm just wondering if I'll even receive it now

  • So many strange things going on lately.

  • I know it looks weird but this is actually normal, don't worry. We programmed our site with a maximum number of orders per day for each shipper, so that they don't get more than they can handle. Because we had a backlog of customers waiting for the order form to work again, there was a rush at the beginning of the day and Med Mama hit her limit before noon. She'll be back up tomorrow, I promise!

  • I’ve seen this happen before @ least TWICE!
    Med.Man ALWAYS DELIVERS...if they git yiur $$ you WILL get your order. Glad I made the cut-off. Love you MED MAMA! And Loud& co. Too!! ❤️😍😁

  • I ordered friday received wed [MedMma].

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