Have you ever just stopped?

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Been smoking 1 to 2.5 grams a day for a LONG time.

Its been a life saver for my mental health and pain management.

Yesterday I just completely lost the urge.
No explanation.
I Just don’t feel like it.
I have no idea if this will last.



  • Been there too many times.

    When I felt that way about cigarettes I quit. Then I started and quit a couple more times and finally quit permanently 15 years ago. I just got bored with smoking tobacco and the control it had over me.

    Some days weed feels the same way.

    My consumption has doubled or more over the past 18 months due to the an early retirement and the ‘Rona. I’m mostly a solo toker thanks to no kind friends nearby and the wife “takes a puff” now and then.

    Sparking up from wake to sleep gets old and concentrates definitely keep the tolerance high. Take a break and see if the monkey scratches your back 🐒

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    Thankfully stopping weed is a LOT easier than stopping nicotine. What a nightmare that is 👹

    I don’t really have a reason to stop so I’m not sure it will last.

    Ive quit a few times over the years too but I always had some reason.

    I think I'm getting sick of constantly coughing up little globs of black resin throughout the day for one thing,(even though that’s actually a good thing, lungs keeping themselves clean), and having “just smoked mouth” and breath pretty much all the time.

    I’m not experiencing any negative effects otherwise. Ive got my bong down to a science so I don’t even cough.

    Just kind of annoyed and bored of it for some reason.
    And it stops My dreams which I’m not a huge fan of.

    Concentrates make my tolerance way too high way too fast. It feels I'm just chasing the dragon all day. It never feels as good as smoking flower.

    Ah well, maybe I’ll just end up cutting back for a while... or not 🥳

  • I go through periods where I mix CBD flower in with my regular cannabis. If nothing else, it saves money.

  • @Joha You're absolutely right. Taking a break or even quitting is simply mind over matter. Keeping your mind occupied is, in my opinion the most difficult part. Though I don't have experience in quitting, I do have experience with taking a break because of job interviews, probation ect. And again, its mind over matter. Keep your mind (possibly hands) busy. When my mom tried to quit smoking tobacco her biggest problem was that hand to mouth motion so I bought her a vape pen & now she vapes almost exclusively.

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    Just kind of annoyed and bored of it for some reason. And it stops My dreams which I’m not a huge fan of.

    i have PTSD so using cannabis to squelch dreams sadly is my #1 reason to continue :(

    and yeah the chronic cough sucks as well, some mornings are rough. only started having it since i began huffing concentrates every day. didn't hardly ever cough when i was cigging or just smoking flowers. hmm.

  • Interesting. I too have ptsd. It has never effected my dreams though. I honestly never even considered that though it seems so obvious now🤪. Lucky me I guess ❤️

  • Not to reflect poorly upon myself but i took a canna break during my first marriage. I’d have violent nightmares and would fight in my sleep. My ex got bonked with a roundhouse at least 3x that I know of while we were both sound asleep. Started smoking again after the divorce (not related directly to the random sleep beatings 😄) and haven’t had a single act-out in 15+ years. No other drug natural or man made took away the dreams like cannabis.

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