Jolly VS Gum Drops

Which is better stronger/more potent/longevity? I mean since they're only 5$ apart


  • @Zackarrry i have the gum drops and I really like them. They arenโ€™t super potent if you only eat one but for me they do the trick.

  • In my opinion, it's more of what you prefer.
    I live where humidity is high, so I keep my gumdrops in my fridge to keep them from getting sticky.
    The jolly chips i keep in my closet where all my cannabis is kept, and I find they stay better that way.
    Both hold up for long periods of time.

  • have you ever had any to mold? for pain relief edibles really help. i had some starburst over Christmas and for 50mg they seemed a bit weak...but it could have been the strain...still helped with the pain

  • i must be getting the same product as you Doja you think they could put some THC in there product! spend the kind of money never satisfied i found a despensery out of Canada that might make a satifactory gummy vape or candy bar something ! I'll let you know my results

  • Well said I think they just put teripines in but forget the THC Heck I compared the Delta -8 vapes from gas station an I actually got higher than the vapes here! And yes LOUD gummies suck will come to you molded! i spent 165 dollors for molded jello!

  • @clark115 the gummies do have a tendency to mold after they are opened when not refrigerated. I'm with @MigraineWarrior79 I just throw my jolly chips in the drawer..when I do buy gummies it's strait to the fridge. Jolly chips that come as freebies left unattended for months turn black ๐Ÿ˜. It started out it's life as some sort of pina colada and ended up as a lump of something that resembles licorice ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    If I ever get some evercLear you can spray your gummies with it and let it evaporate and it makes a shield against baddies- I think you roll em in citric acid when they're dripping in alcohol- lasts months

  • @MikeyC great life hack , thanks for the info.

  • Evaporation can take days and you use a drying rack. Left this part out

  • I've never ordered the jolly chips, but they've been thrown in as a freebie with my gumdrops and I find them even potency wise. I've never had the gumdrops mold either and I keep em for 2-3 months.

    I did order gummies from Loud and found I needed 3 of those to equal one of Med mamas gumdrops. It was a different high too. My only real complaint is that they started to mold in about 2 weeks. Medboy and loud made good, sending me a new pack, but they started to mold pretty quickly too. Unfortunately, I can't keep mind in the fridge.

  • Man I'm high but reading Vapanonymous Blog I know he's high too!! Never had mold an very next sentince Mold! I just love it man I need vacation!!

  • I'd only expect mold if the strain used was blue cheese

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  • I've had a bunch of both, but there's no way in hell I'd order the jolly chips in the summer again. The last time I ordered them, I got one gigantic jolly chip of all flavors mixed together. There was supposed to be 20 of them and I chipped them apart into about 12 chunks.

    I have never ordered Loud's gummies because they are more expensive than med mama's. I even made a spreadsheet with formulas to calculate dollars per milligram of THC for every edible and the MM gum drops and jolly chips are (were? not sure if they still are) by far the cheapest.

  • Gumdrops - start there. Otherwise you may be disappointed. That being said I have a sample of cookie from Loud and will report back eventually. I'm Into flower.

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