"Manual Orders" using the contact form earlier this week.

Good morning y'all.
Has anyone who used the contact form for a "manual order" earlier this week gotten any feedback as to whether or not the order has shipped? Like a USPS Informed Delivery notification? Because with informed delivery, I have typically received a notification as soon as the shipping label is created. So far my informed delivery dashboard is empty. My order was placed on Tuesday 10/2 . I'm asking because I've received my past orders 48-96 hours after a shipping label was created. I'm just a little anxious because I'm very low on medication and I need to figure out what I'm gonna do if my order isn't on it's way. Best case scenario would be that it has shipped and the USPS informed delivery has failed to update my dashboard and it will be in my mailbox today or tomorrow. Hopefully that's the case.
Thanks Everyone and thanks Medicineman & MB for your service. Y'all are truly a blessing for us senior citizens who would NEVER be able to acquire this life-saving medicine our own.


  • Thanks for your order! Our manual orders got backlogged by 2 days, that's why you don't see it. It was a rough week for us but we're finally out of the woods now. Sorry for the delay.

  • Good Afternoon Medboy,
    I appreciate your response on the delay. Im happy to hear you've smoothed out your rough week.
    I'm just a tad- bit confused by the verbiage of your reply.......Does this mean the backloged orders have been sent out already BUT they're NOT going to show up on the (USPS- ID) at all ? Or does it mean that it will take 2 more days to clear the backlog? My reading comprehension stinks.
    BTW The Indoor Willie Nelson Reserve is OUTSTANDING!

  • 2 more days to clear the backlog, which should be clear now.

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