Who's ships the fastest?

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I live in IN and wanted to know who shipped faster or whats the longest i would have to wait? im excited to try the sample


  • I'm in Florida. I've ordered approximately 10 times. Shipping has only taken 48-72 hours to get to my door. It may take 2 to 3 days before MedMama or Loud &Co actually post your order. Once its posted, 48-72 hours is all I've ever had to wait. Example: If you order on a Friday, they take Saturday off and you can't post things until Monday. That right there puts a 3 day wait until they are ABLE to ship. So, if you order on Monday or Tuesday and it gets posted by Wednesday, you will most likely get it by Saturday.

  • Thanks alot for the breakdown man. im excited asf

  • Yea Man no problem.
    If you have Informed Delivery on the USPS app you will be able to see exactly when it was shipped, received, passed thru distribution center and is out for delivery to your address. I lost my mind when I got my first sample. I was dancing the running-man dance when I saw with my own eyes that this was for real.
    I got the indoor wedding cake for my sample and a blue dream doobie for free. Its expensive, but you will quickly see and feel that you just experienced miracle well worth the $$$.

  • They're about equally fast these days.

  • I live in Cape May NJ , this is my fourth order and always Med Mama, anyway for some reason I always order Thursday night and I’m blazing Tuesday afternoon! Hope this helps!

  • Thank you all for the help in answering my question. I'm ordering next week.

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