Shroom candy?

How much did others try for first use and how were the effects. The taste is awesome after trying a little nibble. Like a caramel apple taste and the shroom taste mixes so well with the flavor.


  • others complained last time that the candy was very weak. but that was the last batch. they said that medmama indicated this new batch should be stronger..... however, i haven't seen anybody post about the effects of the new batch

  • I have to say. The new batch is strong. Less than 1/8th def has very positive effects. Not to mention the flavor is outta this world and makes you wanna eat a whole 1/2 l0l Def a winner :)

  • How much is recommended for dosage? Especially for someone who's never tried them?

  • @Jdtokes i'm still new to it so from experience i would recommend one 2-3inch stem with a cap and chew very well. in about 15-20 mins from my self research you should feel a mild high like weed but without any paranoia or negative side effects. I also did research with a light beer and it goes very well together. You can still concentrate as you are sober but concentrating on like marble tile will help you see the effects of the candy. Just IMO but you will be just fine and the taste is awesome that anyone can enjoy.

  • @Jdtokes def not as scary as i previously thought and very controllable. This week was my first try also so your not alone.

  • Because of the potential for nausea, I would avoid beer, at least when trying for the first time.

  • Thanks @rasta0458 I just got them in today and plan to try them tonight or tomorrow. Still nervous though LOL.

    @georgetirebiter Welcome back! It's been a while, hopefully all is well.

  • @rasta0458 how visual were the effects off a 2-3" stem with cap?

    I want the effects, but don't want it to be out of my control lol, if that makes any sense.

  • @Jdtokes You will be in full control of yourself. you can see colors and some visuals is you stare at something buy as soon as you break you focus you can act and feel totally normal with a positive energy. If you shy like i first was i say try just a full stem at first and wait 15 mins to see how it feels and if you want to increase the feeling in moderation then take a cap after you feel the effects of the stem. A little at a time to feel out your dose. But trust me its not scary at all as many people first think. Let me and the others know your first time review as we are all her to help others ;)

  • Thanks @Jdtokes. I've been posting for a couple months. Trying to keep it together in these trying times. Thanks to God and the gnomes and elves and their forest minions, and also domestic purveyors of discreet cannabis products, not necessarily in that order...I am still here. High and functional. That's what I'm going for at least...

    I'm currently having a second steep of tea made from regular Penis Envy shrooms, brewed last night. That and my Forbidden Fruit/White Rhino mix has me quite intensely medicated and ready for English Premier League Football on this nice Saturday morning. My favorite time...quiet time on a Saturday morning.

    I second (and third) those who say, "do not fear the psilocybe mushroom." (I'm now putting other mushrooms in my tea as well, including chaga and lion's mane. The impact is not only on the neurological functioning--digestively it has also helped clear up a massive bacterial overgrowth.

  • @georgetirebiter Ah I see. You were gone for a little bit from the forums last time I was active on here. I had to take a short hiatus from the site so I could slow down on my spending haha. Chaga is freaking awesome, it has many more than just medicinal uses. Lions mane is another great one.

    Last night,
    I tried two small 1" stems, a full cap, and a partial cap. It was definitely not bad at all. The taste was very tolerable, especially for someone who's not a huge mushroom fan. Except morels, I love morel mushrooms.

    I popped them and sat on my couch with the intention of playing a video game, however that didn't happen lol. I messed around on my phone in amazement of how the numbers and letters looked on the screen. I watched some YouTube videos as well. I definitely noticed color enhancement and some wavyness to lines.

    I ended up falling asleep for a little bit and when I woke up, it was hitting full on. When I opened my eyes, the ceiling looked like a grid matrix that was floating there, then the light from the lamp filled the room and across the grid looking ceiling which made me say woah out loud.

    I got up to go get something to drink and I was completely numb, couldn't feel much of anything except for a strong body high which felt like a combination of being drunk and high as well as feeling higher and lower than myself (I don't have a good way to explain it except maybe floating and sinking at the same time.)

    Things seemed slower than normal and slightly dizzy or "loopy" feeling.

    I ended up watching some cool graphical videos on YouTube and then passed out again for a little bit. I wasn't sure if I was tired or if it was a side effect. Time went by pretty quick, when I finally went to bed it was almost 530am.

    I'm not sure if what I experienced is normal or what other people experience since this was my first time and I didn't have a trip sitter. I was only intending to micro dose anyway so didn't feel like I would need one, but it wouldn't be a bad idea I suppose to get confirmation of how it was affecting me.

    I must've eaten some more during the time I was awake and maybe not realized it because my stash was half gone in the morning lol.

    I've watched and read some trip reports from people who've taken shrooms, but they're nothing like the lycaeum site from 20 some years ago, I loved that site for the trip reports and information it held.

    I will be buying more for sure. Maybe some of the different kinds too. It was definitely a good experience.

  • @Jdtokes Thank you for your detailed review.

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