Tko carts

Description says not real tko cart. Are they still good or what? Are they just refilled carts? What are they if not real. Has anyone ordered carts? I might since they are discounted but unsure for they aren’t real



  • I just get the hardware from china. They are filled locally by my producers. Hope that helps!

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    It does thanks

  • So @Losbakker6 i assume they are good. But I have never bought carts. Just mamma's refills. N they are great. The discount is cheaper than even the refills. I have stuff coming that no review is on here but did u decide to order? I wud assume @LoudnCo its got to be good

  • @Lou_lew I got some grape diesel tko carts the 85$ ones really can't lose if they're no good sell em locally make your cash back but if they're good ill start buying them rather than refills

  • @Zackarrry thanks for the idea. U cant really lose. I'm betting they will b good. I want all discounted but will try wedding cake for sure. Ive just spent over my budget. But it all works out. Off work today smokin on BlackBerry octane n Jaeger. I love this forum wen ppl are helpful n positive. Thanks. Superbowl...mite amoke different later. I'm indica generally but any good. Grape diesel sounds good for day or nite. Sorry for the ramble. My 15 year monthly supply of alprazolam passed away last nite.. So I'm totally torn. She was a friend. She's not suffering. I feel bad that I am going to run out and feel I'm selfish. She was worried about me on her death bed. U kno those ppl who have sumthin but over the years she became family(chosen family ya kno..real friends are).
    I say all this to say tell ur family u love em. Never guaranteed tomorrow. I kno its said all the time but its real....esp wen bad comes along. Motley Lue putting in air 🙁😣

  • @Lou_lew hey bro it's all good vibes and love here on these forums except for a few people who are a stoner version of a "karen"

  • @Lou_lew sorry for your loss she sounds like a special person. Sure helps you put things into perspective and a reminder to hold those close to you and some extra hugs all around 💚

  • @Lou_lew

    Very sorry for your loss! Big long distance hugs to you!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 thank you. Thanks for the hugs. @Reshi thanks. U said it..all. bout perspective

  • I’m sorry for your loss @Lou_lew.

  • @Lou_lew so sorry my heart aches for you. Love and blessings my friend. 🧡💚💨🍀

  • Condolences man my aunt passed this week as well

  • I think he was talking about his xanax prescription ran out right? Meaning hes done taking them.. or did I miss something..

  • Said I feel bad I'm gonna run out and I'm feeling selfish, so sounded like referring to his supplier of passed was way i read, could be mistaken

  • @Vapedad78 sorry bout ur aunt...prayers for ya @Kayla a very close friend passed away. A person who did supply me xanax. So I'm in a mess. N I miss my friend. @Rubygirl816 thank you @MNTDWLER thank you....this forum is so nice.. peace n love to all of u
    Motley Lue 🙏🙁

  • Thank you all for the love n well wishes. I'm just in bad place bc I need my meds esp in these times. N its not real she's gone. But 15 years daily...I will go thru withdrawal. No MM site like this with prescription meds. That I kno of. But plenty of good green has helped. Sure sum of u have been in similar situations. Gotta go to work. One love. Motley Lue out

  • @Lou_lew sorry for your loss.the way you said it made me think you was kicking the xanax habit.sorry for the misunderstanding.

  • @Lou_lew I heard that Rick Simpson oil can help tremendously with withdrawal from those things and others. Maybe try that

  • Yeah careful I hear benzo withdrawal is a beast, ex wife wouldn't kick em and unfortunately with her mental state had no business taking em in first place but was master manipulator and lied to drs to keep getting. but herbal relief helps hopefully or hear kratum could possibly help or suboxone possibly if get desperate. Appreciate it @Lou_lew hang in there, they say time heals all, I'm still waiting

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    yeah, i agree with @Vapedad78 i would definitely go see a doctor if you can.. benzo w/d can kill you.

    be careful friend. @Lou_lew really sorry you're in a bad place . i hate that. i've been there; i kicked benzos long ago but i'm still on suboxone for the time being. life can really be a struggle sometimes, but its like.. we shouldnt miss out on the good stuff too. just bc of the struggles.

    idk if that makes sense, but. wish i could help ya. just be super careful with the withdrawals, i wouldn't just go cold turkey and be like "oh well, i guess im gonna get w/d now" because they can be fatal. lost 2 coworkers in the past 2 years, both related to benzos. (3 actually but one was suicide). try to either go to a dr. or at least get yourself some, somehow, so you can taper off slowly..

    sorry, i always feel like i should apologize bc who am i to give someone advice, or i feel like im telling ppl what to do... definitely not trying to come off that way. i just feel obligated to tell ppl sometimes, just in case they don't know, particularly about benzo w/d .

    maybe i am biased, however ; i have seizures now from ANY amounts of benzos; even if i take a 5mg valium or a .5 or 1mg ativan, the tiniest amount.. will send me straight into grand mal seizures immediately upon wearing off. it's been about 6-7 years since i last "tried" to see if that would still hapen . won't ever try again unless it's something super severe.

    anyway, i'm just rambling on now, but i just wanted to give my encouragement & wish u well. you got this. take it easy friend

  • @v32Finish I also have grand mal's it's been a couple of years but I've broken my spine. I wouldn't take a chance on benzos either if they affected me in the way they do you. @Lou_lew I would seek some help , i kicked a 20yr benzo addiction cold Turkey, please don't do it. The mental psychosis is bad enough but that pales in comparison to the physical withdrawal. Please seek professional advice other than on this forum not laughing. ❤🍀 mntdwler

  • @Lou_lew dude those Xanax to kick are pretty bad. I really don’t want to scare you, but you should seriously see if there is a detox or doctor, you can go to. I know you just mentioned work though so don’t know how that would work, for you. Honestly, I don’t think your going to be able to work kicking those. Again, I don’t want to scare you, just really worried for you. I have seen people actually lose their minds from kicking those. Please be careful.
    @v32Finish suboxone saved my life, the first time anyway. I think we are more concerned, than giving advice, from our own experiences, if that makes sense.

  • @Rubygirl816 I know it's a bad detox. I've been on methadone for years. N did well. Then moved to location where clinic wasn't possible. Currently subutex . I kno all too well about opiates n benzo. Now I just take the rite way. But doctors dont want to help ppl like bc sum of u have been in same boat. I'm sad over my friend. Dont worry u didn't scare me. I kno the hell I'm facing. Ive been thru before. Methadone withdrawal u want to die but generally i wont die. Xanax withdrawal can easily b fatal. I've had anxiety n problems that were helped by klonopin at time in 2006 instead of xanax. I just got life half together n working. Good smoke helps I kno. I love this site. They are awesome. N ALL of the love n support thank you if i didnt mention you. @MNTDWLER u said it . I just dont kno wat to do. My family doesn't kno. I don't want to lose job but I kno its impossible to work thru it. Any ideas of help wud be appreciated. Like I said, doctors dont want to help in my area. Thanks for all the concern.

  • @v32Finish u sound just like me in my situation. Congrats on kicking. I have problems without benzo. Thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate ur truth. N I'm thankful for this forum.

  • @Lou_lew I have terrible insomnia, so if you ever need to talk, anytime, I’m always around.

  • DITTO I'm scanning the thread constantly just yell I'll talk.❤🍀

  • I got the day off work bc of snow causing road problems making work slow. I needed day off. I wanted to say thank you @Rubygirl816 and I'm sorry for ur insomnia. I still need to find a doctor who cares (I understand dr being nervous to write to former addcts benzo) . It will fall into place. Hope u have great day. Thank you the same @MNTDWLER

  • So had to grab some more avalanche ceramic sprk carts and order went through, then got email that due to stock discrepancy they're out of avalanche and sent out the chrome 510 ones that run $1/ea more so interested to see how these compare although think coil and internals are same

  • @Vapedad78 the only difference they are a little heavier. I actually sometimes prefer the chrome ones. I order a few of each, each time I order.

  • @Rubygirl816 oh nice, thanks appreciate the heads up, probably won't be seeing none that till next week but thankfully looks like some loud and ma coming today

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