Boveda humidity control

There has been many mentions on this forum about reviving dry herb, and the word I saw the most was boveda.

Here's a link:

I just ordered a pack for myself. From what others are saying about it, this is the way to go for keeping the Kind ... kind. :smiley:


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    there's a couple other newcomers that do similar. definitely read reviews prior to purchase, i've only trusted boveda for years now. you can find decent deals on ebay for per-packet pricing of these in bulk. read up on the suggested sizes as well as uses for 58% vs. 62% packets too 👍

  • ( from what i've heard, and what i prefer, 62% is the best for cannabis... but it's actually recommended to use the 58s if you're planning any LONG term storage, like 3+ months)

    thanks for getting this out there for anyone who doesn't know! i have always had Boveda Humidipaks in my house, for YEARS..... but just for a different purpose. they hung inside the soundhole of my badass acoustic guitars.

    i didn't learn until maybe 2018 or maybe even 19 that they did RH control for the devils lettuce

  • The size 4 packs at 58% were out of stock on this website so I went with the 62%. I figure that if my buds get too sticky I can just let them sit out for a little while.

  • @v32Finish same here, I’ve got packs in my guitars now after using d’addario sponge holders for years - kind of messy. Will need to start an instrument thread here 🎸

    @justaguy that works perfectly. i just pull whatever nugz I need into a small stash jar and leave the bulk of the herb sitting 24/7 with 62s. Shelf life has been impressive.

  • I would prefer a Boveda pack rather than
    the freebee's that are currently offered .30

  • Interesting @BigOtis .. never thought about this, but I think I agree with you.

    @funkynugz I remember the ol sponges 😂 definitely I bet an instrument thread here would be popular 🎶

  • How long do you leave a boveda pack in a jar? Thanks....

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    From the website:

    "If you’re using Boveda for the first time, here’s three simple things you need to do:

    Unwrap the cellophane wrapper (if it has one) from the Boveda 2-way humidity control (brown pack).

    Place Boveda in your humidor, container or bag and close the lid*. Boveda will begin working immediately.

    Walk away and know that you are protected!

    *Boveda is FDA Approved food safe to put directly on your cigars or cannabis. We recommend holders when placing Boveda inside your wood instrument cases.

  • Thank you @justaguy ! Was worried about mold if left too long. Yes, I am new to using Boveda. Again, thanks!

  • nah you just leave them til they dry out.

    you'll feel them kinda get "hard" and stop working. esp. the smaller ones dry out kinda quicker; i used to get the 20 pack of the smallest size (for 8ths jars mostly) .. but they don't last that long. i'm gonna switch to the next smallest size up.

    good luck @Skholla u will see when they finally give up. lol

  • Thanks @v32Finish ! Appreciate you sharing your experience!

  • Anyone have any experience in using the Integra Boost packs? I like that they have a visual indicator and somewhat cheaper than Boveda.
    I also rehydrate my packs so I can reuse them - kinda cool. Does anyone else do that too?

    I tried a couple boveda packs previously used for cigars but it keeps the moisture way too high so I think I need to stick with the 62%? Or should I go lower like 55/58% for longer term storage?
    I might cry if I see white shit growing on my weed bc I’m not storing properly.

    Happy Saturday my friends! 😊

  • stick with 62% for most daily driver stuff, 58% 's for any long term storage needs. wouldn't venture away from those 2.

    i haven't tried any boveda alternatives, but someone from here recommended me one brand on amazon that i haven't tried yet. @Reshi are the ones you're talking about blue?

    the ones i have saved somewhere are like.. blue. and i don't remember anything else except that TWO different ppl from that discussion preferred them over bovedas.

    lastly, be careful about re-using bovedas!! i used to do this, and I think it's fine if you're careful and you do it right... but i don't care what anyone else says... when you re-hydrate, you lose the ability for the "2-way" control ; now you are basically ONLY able to re-hydrate.

    I heard from Boveda directly that they discourage re-hydrating them, but I always assumed it was just bc they wanted to sell more... anyways, i almost COMPLETELY RUINED a 1/2 oz of really good, premium bud from Loud .. it was actually the first time i ever tried Ice Cream Cake, but it was the prem. batch that he had probably like... 4 months ago? something like that. anyway.. i re-hydrated a boveda, i was even careful (ie.. not submerging, and only using osmosis to re-hydrate; you never want to directly get it wet or else the paper itself absorbs alot of moisture)... anyways that's exactly what happened, somehow, i came back the next morning and my bud felt like.. wetter than if it had just come off the plant. i likely BARELY escaped having mold, but i know i lost alot of terpenes and quality.. it came back to about 80% , but i could tell it wasn't the same.

    sorry for rambling!!! GSC got me goin again!!! haha. just a word of warning about the ol Bovedas ;) use fresh ones only, and replace when they're done! (that's just me tho)

  • Hey thanks @v32Finish!!
    the boost ones are white with black lettering.
    I think I may have gotten the tip from someone here on rehydrating them using a domed design and letting them sit up out of the water. Seems to work pretty good but yes caution is key I’m sure.
    And, hypothetically speaking of course, what if there was a little white fuzzyness on a small nug of purple punch but it lifted right off? Would it be dangerous to vape? Asking for a friend...😩

  • For rehydration I have a half dozen of the pretty big bovedas I keep in double zip lock bags. I sandwich my smaller used packs in between the big ones. Takes a while but the smalls rehy to around 2/3 their original. I only use the rehy smalls for less important jars.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a properly cured jar go moldy with a boveda in it. But if the herb is jarred too wet from the start then all bets are off.

  • Update on my Bovida usage.

    I have used one pack in a jar of Greenhouse GMO (untrimmed) for this past week and it is working perfectly.

    I have 62% packs and from reviews I figured that might be too high for proper joint rolling, but it seems to be the perfect level for that. I have what's left of an oz in a recycled olive jar, and my buds are nice and happy.

  • sweet!!

    they are a game changer, for sure. i need to order some more

  • Have been using these.

    I like them better than Bovada for my bud. I don't go through them as much as I did the Bovadas. Use 1 unit per an ounce in each of my glass jars of bud. I still use the large Bovada packs for my large cigar humidors, though. But everyone has their own preferences.

  • Don't buy the 1/8 size bovedas. They don't last 2 months and although it's a nice gesture for a small jar they're defective

  • @MikeyC yeah, I ran into that issue so that's why I went with the other product that I mentioned. Was a waste of money going thru the 1/8 size that fits perfect in my jar compared to the other product that is similar size but last MUCH longer. The largest BOvada still works well in my large cigar humidors, though dont fit into my jars well.

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