DMT Crystals request

Would you guys ever consider offering DMT Crystals ? I feel DMT is on the same level as shrooms as it has a lot of healing potential. :)


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    @dankdark420 DMT does have medicinal properties but. Search the full site, Medman has answered this question before.He said only green medicine on his site, I do believe. 🙁💚❤

  • @MNTDWLER But then why would they offer mushies and offer san pedro cactus which I haven't seen yet but they did say they would have san pedro on the board soon back in december. DMT is as tame as mushrooms to me and not hard to make crystals so I just figured I'd ask the team what they thought of offering it sometime as a natural medicine like shrooms, san pedro, and pot are natural medicines. I searched the other day and couldn't find anything about DMT on here but found where they said they had no immediate plans to add new substances but to me that didn't mean they wouldn't possibility add more like DMT down the line and while I was looking saw where one guy asked about cocaine and they said absolutely not which I completely understood lol

  • MM said last year he wouldn't be adding DMT but as laws change the menu might too. I honestly hope he does tho. I've been trying to get ahold of some for a few years now...

  • @dankdark420 I agree with you whole hearted, hell I think everything should be legal in one form or another. But for now we are stuck with this backwards government, I mean shit they won't even legalize hash..I wish you the best of luck on your search my friend. 💚🍀🍀

  • @dankdark420 Let me state that I am on your side. There are a number of "no-green" substances with legitimate therapeutic value and I'd love to see them available. It won't happen here.

    There is a certain aspect of quality control that has to go in to manufactured drugs. It's not the same as with natural medicine. Bad cannabis or shrooms can only damage you in a limited number of ways. I cannot say what bad DMT does.

    Again, I'm not disagreeing with you. Just trying to explain one rationale for why things are the way they are.

  • @FuxLupus Honestly I might just make some for myself because they aren't hard to make and the materials to make the crystals are legal and they have guides that are easy to follow on the process of making the crystals. Quite simple process really just takes a little common sense and know how to work with substances. I'd probably love making the crystals as much as I love growing high quality shrooms lol

  • Hallucinogens have shaped my entire outlook on life, more than 30 years after I've taken my last one and DMT is the final step I need to take. I really hope to get some someday.

  • does anyone have any advice for someone who might be seeking MDMA for therapeutic properties, but doesn't wanna go ask random weirdos/ has serious quality/purity issues?

    i would love to try mdma with my wife, but under a controlled dosage, and controlled setting. i would buy some off the street but the only stuff i know how to get is either garbage/ not real, or one the rare occasion it's real, it's very weak.

    totally took for granted when there was a BUNCH of good stuff around and didn't bother to save a 10-pack. blah

  • @Sixwaychili that's awesome. i totally feel the same way. in general and also about DMT.

    i feel like people who have never tried hard hallucinogens are really missing out on .. an incredible deal.

    i've never taken straight DMT but i've had some of the crazy strong ones. i took a scary dose of 5-MeO-AMT that was probably the most intense experience of my entire life.

    don't really wanna go back to the really intense stuff, but i feel like there is some very epic truth imbued in there somewhere. strangely.

  • Perhaps hallucinogens are at the very root of the human experience. In which case, it would be a shame to miss out.

  • @v32Finish I hear ya. I haven't been able to find pure MDMA since the mid 2000's.
    The best I ever tried was 'molly shards', according to my old dealer it was as pure as you could get on street and indeed it was the best drug experience of my life, better than any acid or shrooms I ever ate, better than sex. I think I described it on this forum as a 6 hour brain orgasm once.
    The best part was, for me at least, was that it was very non-addictive and very "eye opening" and "spiritual".

  • @georgetirebiter hallucinogens are what break your programming that you've had bombarded on you for your entire life. And that takes you back to the root of human experience.

  • @Stab_Snipers that's what i'm talking about!!!

    that's what I need, man. welll.. OK, I don't need it, necessarily.

    but damn, I def. wish I knew where to get some of that.

    my very best was probably a pair of Red Rolex, beautiful little pinkish-red crown presses that i got from a buddy.. ate 2 on my birthday with some friends, and it's the hardest i've ever rolled in my life. remember floating around my pool just.. almost in shock at how good it was.

    i don't necessarily want to go crazy , but i definitely want to find access. i used to be better with stuff like that; torrents, Tor, etc etc. was a little more brash back then and i'm SURE it's available somewhere on the web. bc i'm sure not gonna go asking random ppl or dealing with IRL people who are shady or just acquaintances. i have one friend in Dallas who is into the club scene slightly; i told him to snag some if he ever came across them but. blahhh.

    @Sixwaychili well spoken .

  • @sixwaychili Programming is a nice word for brainwashing. But just so you know the marijuana industry is also brainwashing people.

  • Pls!!!! DMT crystals would be dope MB. i feel like anything thats natural, non addictive, and was put on this earth by god, should be sold on MM's Site.

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