Best on the Menu

The last time this question was asked, the thread went in a different direction. Then the new strains rained from the sky...

Knowing what we know now, what is the best strain on the menu?

My vote: Blackberry Octane

Bonus questions

What's the one thing you want to know more about on the menu?

The purple color of that outdoor mystery bud

What that has surprised you most this cannabis growing season?

The incredibly high quality and variety of the late-arriving outdoor selections.


  • This isn't on the menu but I wish @LoudnCo or @medmama could find some PREMIUM STRAWBERRY COUGH flower and put it on the menu and some XJ-13 FLOWER it's been awhile since I've had those. They have the best effects for me.they make me have not a care in the world . Makes me seem like I'm just floating though my day.feeling happy happy,happy!! Lol

  • I'm still sold on that Jager. I've ordered it four times now. Can't get enough.
    I was hoping for White Rhino (it's my fave) but it got subbed this time.
    I loved the Premium Ice Cream Cake. And I have some OG coming.
    When I get my tax return I'm going to get a variety to try. I'll let you know then ;)

  • My answers,
    1. Too hard to pick one strain as there are so many I haven't tried but for those I have, MedMama's first outdoor drop contained some real good ones. Biscotti, Ghost OG, and some Sour Diesel that didn't stay long on the menu. Black Jack was another and am glad it made a return. Plus the latest Blue Dream from Loud will be good when it gets here.
    2. Why has it taken so long to get descriptions and pictures on the menu to some of the strains is probably my biggest question.
    3. I agree with your answer to the last question. The outdoor strains offered this year have been awesome. Not to mention the price....

  • The O.G. Kush was great.. I just felt that after smoking a zip of it It had less and less effects as I smoked it all. Would still give a thumbs up ๐Ÿ‘

  • @theunleet Is that the โ€œOGโ€ Medmama has up right now? I ordered 1/8th of that to try some out ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  • After reading on allbud about Alpha OG, The Sweeties, and Hand of God...I may dip into my savings to restock on these.
    They all sound like some awesome indicas.

  • @OzBaxter Yes it was O.G. Kush. I really enjoy OG Kush but this time the effects went down as I went through it all. No problem though!

  • Great thread! @georgetirebiter the BlackBerry Octane has definitely hung around longer than I thought. My 1/8th of it is almost gone sadly. I now have some BlackBerry OG from Mama to try. So many choices...

    My personal pick from the current menu would be Mamaโ€™s outdoor Biscotti. A little heavy for daytime productivity for me but the weekend and after work its perfect. Smell is unique in a great way and very loud. High is relaxing yet provides little bursts of energy. Anything GSC is tight up my ally. Buds are nice and dense too.

  • @superman38NC I ordered half a zip of Biscotti on your recommendation. A tester of Salami, also.

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    I might have to try the Biscotti also.

    My current winner one of the cakes from Loud. The ice cream.cake is not perfect but it's extremely frosty, extremely dank/pungent, and quite frankly if something happens .. whether medically or otherwise (wake up hungover,.get a migraine, have a horrible day, etc) ... That's the one I'm reaching for. Just because it's probably the strongest that I have. Or right up there.

    wedding cake came today and its even better. Sad I only grabbed an 8th . But with all the choices, I'm likely to order something else before getting.more (alpha OG? holy shit that looks amazing. Sweeties also.. I think @MigraineWarrior79 pointed out just about.every strain I'm most interested in :joy: )

    Love that there's a great selection and alot of people trading information here . Thats where it's at . Have a great evening everyone ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  • That alpha and sweeties had me looking for a min before going nana/master combo

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    @georgetirebiter those two are both great. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I havenโ€™t really disliked anything lately. So many ๐Ÿ”ฅ strains from both shippers!

  • BlackBerry octane! That beautiful bud has my vote. I'm down to about an 8th left from the zip I ordered beginning the year. I love the white green and purple color! OMG the frost on the bud is unreal! Scoops of white crystals from my jar of B.B OCTANE give intense hits that burn your soul.
    Godzilla glue and afghani goo are my two for ?s. They're on the way and I am at the mercy of usps on those..
    What surprised me the most this season was ogkush got on the menu for awhile. All my years of smoking I've only found OG from from overpricing dimers downtown.

  • I ordered a zip of zookies and the outdoor mystery bud @georgetirebiter, I will let you all know how it is once it gets here.

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