My racist gardener, Bjorn, calls this strain Slurricana. He has a thing against Latinos taking work away from Norwegian singers. Unusual cat, Bjorn.

None of that is true.

What is true, I think, is that I'm reviewing Slurricane, another fine herb from MedMama.

And here is the problem: I am high on Pineapple Jack. Will this displease the Slurricana Goddess? She kept me sound asleep from midnight to 7 am last night. Is that enough of a review for you? Veterans of this forum--whether you've been here a week or a decade--recognize the Holy Grail when we see it. A dynamite herb that electrifies your world. Turns the head on nonsense. Socks you in the face. Fucks you. Then tucks you in for sleep. And you don't even remember the dreams because they're just sweet memories. I can't stand it! She's good, this one.

That makes two of the best things I've smoked all year in one day. Buddha and Slurricane.

I love this job and yesterday was a good day.

Got a dime, anyone?

NOTE: I do not get paid for this. Probably shouldn't have to say that. Probably also shouldn't have to say that I don't have a gardener; however, those who know me would probably acknowledge that if I did have a gardener, it would be a Norwegian racist who sings like Van Morrison.



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    @Kayla and @MNTDWLER I tried using the second link, the direct link, on postimages. As you Didn't work...maybe one of the hotlinks?

  • @georgetirebiter I don't know what's going on?? I just go to postimage load my image from files ,click on direct link then hold until until my copy bar appears. Then I click on copy, when I go to MM forum I click on the screen image on top.of the comment section to the right of the C. That works for me, I just followed the tutorial very closely and it worked. Good Luck ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’š

  • I think you cant write on the post the pic then comment in the new post.that might be what's happened. Dont worry about it we can click on the link no biggy

  • @Kayla agreed @georgetirebiter don't sweat it, we click all day anyway. ๐Ÿ˜

  • Right. I like to know these things, though. If @Kayla is right, that solves my problem. I treat everything like it's a manuscript document. It's not. Ignore code at your peril.

  • Thank you for the pic & review!

  • It tastes like a slushee, this stuff.

  • @georgetirebiter hey what king of aroma does it have? Does it smell like it tastes?

  • @Kayla It's pretty much as it tastes. I hesitate to put too much stock in my olfactory senses right now, though.

  • I've never been big on Van Morrison anyways.

  • Thanks for the review. @georgetirebiter can't wait for my order!

  • Give George a commission. I hadnโ€™t bought in awhile and I was going to get the sunset sherbert per the prof. However, I just ordered an O of slurricane.

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    I hope I didn't oversell it, @leaf! My only problem is not using enough of this stuff. Woke up in the middle of the night last night after a short session with Slurricane. That one I took my time. Woke up and my girlfriend was out of bed and the coffee was made and the kids were up and ready for school. That never happens. Usually I'm the first one up.

    Also: It's not just for sleepytime. I enjoyed watching Cesar Millan after having some with dinner. I have two things to say about Gillian Michaels: 1) She's wrong about everything; 2) Her core beliefs and practices are dangerous.

    In case that last bit threw you, Gillian Michaels was on Cesar, with her little Greyhound. Her complete befuddlement at basic dog psychology belies the fact that she knows nothing of human psychology, either, and that she's an incurious tool. Also: Not very smart. But her tits are hard like porcelain, so we must respect her opinions.


    Buy Slurricane! From here on out, I'll try to stick to opinions that people might care about. Namely: cannabis.

  • Lol. Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™ll enjoy it. Good price to.
    Have a nice weekend!

  • Porcelain tits are my fav

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    @TreesPlz You made me laugh so hard I think I have pleurisy. Thanks! I guess I like porcelain tits, too, now that I think about it. I prefer them to be attached to non-sociopath females, though.

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    Yeah, that is preferred @georgetirebiter .

    Now someone has to develop a dank strain called, Porcelain Tits.

  • OMG @TreesPlz you've got a winner there.

  • Porcelain tits crossed with pink panties could be promising

  • Porcelain Tits x Pink Panties x Purple Panty Dropper? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Thanks for the laughs guys!
    Porcelain Tits x Pink Panties x Purple Panty Dropper x Alaskan Thunderfuck

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    @MigraineWarrior79 Porcelain tits x pink panties x purple panty dropper x Alaskan thunder fuck x matanuska thunder fuck x palm tree sounds like a great first date lol.๐Ÿ˜Š


    Hahaha!! Hopefully this 1st date scheduled for Friday evening, or possibly Saturday (since he has 3 little ones) will work out like the above made up strain, lmao!
    Either way, he's a keeper.

  • I read this review and pulled the trigger. I received it today and I would love to know what the THC % is on this batch, because my extremely high tolerance did not mean shit today when I smoked it lol.

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    @OneLove and any others who've had it...any comparisons with Breath Works? I, too, would love to know what the THC numbers look like. It's special.

    Would love to know the THC %s of all the strains deemed heavy hitters by the commenters on this forum. There are some really good experiments in that idea...specifically with respect to an entourage effect. Mind you the experiments won't get published anywhere, but anecdote drives science forward as much as "real" research...reference: the discovery of penicillin, vaccinations, etc.

  • These strains on the menu slurricane and slurricana are they one in the same or what?they have same pic and review. Which one does @MizterNiceGuy have a pic of that has the purple in it?

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