I see how fast that blackberry deasel went.
You will sale deasel fast as you get it . Won't the highgrade deasel . Our any smelly high grade sativa dominant. It's been 8 months since last time you had sour d. And it was some killer. Please bring back the good sativa's


  • Yes please bring them back!

  • I ordered some BlackBerry Diesel. I didn't indicate a preferred substitute.
    Got stuck with Sour Kush, which was very low quality in appearance, aroma, texture, flavor and potency, In my opinion it was basically midgrade schwag. Not to mention, it was mostly shake.
    If anyone actually got some of that BlackBerry Diesel and wants to offer a review, that would be nice. It looked delicious.

  • This is concerning, another complaint about a bag that appears to be nothing but shake and that's after MB I believe has mentioned our comments to them. This would've never happened even up to about 8- 9 months ago this is ridiculous we're not paying for shake. I don't understand what's going on but someone better get a handle on things they're gonna start to lose customers. This is such a great place with such good people this is not good ,it doesn't seem like our complaints are being heard?

  • Am not buying shack I live 2 hrs from DC will just have to make the trip

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    And that kind of sucks because it's not medicine man's fault, you know they take our complaints seriously and have been relying them to the shippers but for whatever reason they just don't seem to be listening on some cases?

  • For what it's worth, I've never had a problem with any of the flower I've ordered. It's always been high quality. The only issue I ever had was with a disposable vape pen that didn't work, which they quickly rectified.

    I'm eternally grateful for this service, and will be a customer for as long as they are in existence. Thank you to medicine man, med boy and the incredible shipping team.

  • Like iv said along with flapples it's the shippers not mm R mb there great and if you have a problem they always take care of it . Iv been around and have got some of the best top grade ever from site so thanks to them just work on the shippers ..

  • I agree MM and MB are great I have yet to ever have a problem that wasn't correct in one way or another ,just have to be patient it will be fixed.

  • Thanks everyone for their comments! Just FYI, MM and I are in discussions now with Med Mama about this feedback. We are working out the best way forward...

  • As people like to say in this forum..."I'm not complaining", but ......
    My recent order of the Indoor Holy Grail OG, which I just got an hour ago, which was posted on Monday(super fast delivery, thank you), is of poor quality.
    I'm being honest only to provide feedback which one may find helpful.

    I repeat, I'm totally not complaining

    Approximately 30% is shake, like it was put through a grinder. I totally know it wasn't put through the grinder, I'm speaking figureitivly. And the the biggest nug is the size of a an M&M. I haven't had a taste yet, I'm sure it will do the trick. It smells good and dank, the weight was accurate, but this particular bag leaves much to be desired. It just isn't reflective of the $115+BitcoinFees.
    (And I didn't get my complementary doobie). I got a gumdrop instead, which I am unable to consume. That's all.
    Aside from what I just mentioned, MM&MB have always provided prompt, curteous, and compassionate customer service and magnificent flowers and continue to do so. And I am grateful.
    I'm looking forward to what is in store for harvest time and the delights that The Medicineman will offer.
    I lived in San Francisco, almost 20 years ago, and harvest celebrations at Golden Gate Park were effen awesome. People were just tossing big-azz buds and joints, up into the air, and those buds and joints turned into rays of sunshine(because of the shrooms I ate).

  • Thanks for the feedback! FYI, complaining is totally allowed on this forum.

  • I received three strains from Loud & Co. today (10/31). All bud - no shake. I've ordered bud for well over a year, and I've never had any complaint whatsoever. Although, a few times I've opened the package(s) and thought, 'WOW, that bud is huge!'

  • I think the problem with the excess shake is that all the outdoor bud is from last years harvest. Although our shippers take care to store these are still plants that almost a year old and bound to be more dried out and disintegrated. Certainly still good weed but some diminished potency as well. They've put this older bud up at a discounted price. New harvest should be here real soon!

  • I just got the Indoor Jack Hammer I ordered on Monday. Lately I've posted about the less than ideal quality of my last 2 orders (tiny buds, excessive shake) of Indoor Holy Grail and Sour Kush (which was subbed for the Greenhouse BlackBerry Diesel) from Med Mama.
    Now I'm able to post a much happier review.
    This bag o' Jack Hammer is much better quality. Like night and day. There are 8 nice stinky buds and zero shake.
    Albeit it is 6.5g. on my scale and is extremely dry. But that's better than 7g. of moist bud.
    Thanks Loud&co.

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