question on London Lb Cake

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"London Pound Cake is a cross of Sunset Sherbet and an undisclosed strain but it is known to be a powerful indica." this common knowledge/ did you guys know this?

I always heard of london pound cake but i never knew it was a SS cross!!

definitely interested in this now. moreso. @LoudnCo how about some premium london pound cake flower? :smiley:


  • @v32Finish I thought you knew London Pound Cake was in the sunset sherbert family! I happen to look it up and when I went back for the London pound cake mama had, it was gone. Like the professor said in another post, they didn’t even need to write a description, it went so fast! I thought you knew or I would have tagged you. Matter of fact, I got my in-laws four grams of the London pound cake shatter and it was outrageous. I was so glad they didn’t honor my split. My in-laws passed on some of the shatter to me. I would take a few tokes at night, and was out like a light! Even the shatter went quick. Well at the very least, I will tag you from now on when I see LPC back again, lol.

  • LOL! yeah, idk, i guess .. i never bothered to check. i subconsciously knew that it was a "Cake" obviously, so i knew it had some of those genetics.. but never knew it was SS specifically. so yeah, that's cool!! i will definitely be looking for this one in the future! ( i remembered you really liking the shatter, too! definitely gonna have to watch for it! :flushed:

  • I loved the shatter @v32Finish

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    So to everyone following @MigraineWarrior79 @Zackarrry @Rubygirl816 @v32Finish and others @LifeLong14 i recieved bear og was like a amber color shatter the bubba kush was like a wax not shatter but smelled like citrus ill give a review soon and a pic if i can figure it out finally lol my bad i put this in the wrong place lol

  • alllll goooood

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