San Pedro Shrooms

These are as close to bunk as I've had.

They look very much like the B+s, which were also bunk.

You know, making statements like those...those are serious statements. I wonder whether my brain is wired differently, or whether no one else has bought and sampled these yet or...maybe I'm just wrong. Maybe it's my high tolerance.

At any rate, I'd really appreciate a weigh-in from those who have tried either the B+s or these new ones.


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    I have increased my mushroom tea significantly. The San Pedro Shrooms deliver at about twice my normal dosage. Not bunk, as I stated earlier. I apologize for that.

  • Hey thx @georgetirebiter for the honest reviews/thoughts. I’m trying to ease into mushrooms so maybe I’ll grab some San Pedros..the really strong ones still scare me lol

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    It might be a good idea @superman38NC. These San Pedros are growing on me. Literally. Creeping, introspective vibe. Not what I was expecting. But there are no accidents.

  • Despite the potency they are pretty sexy shrooms go 🍄

  • Yes, super cool-looking!

  • So what are your top three and why?

  • i am waiting for the teachers or the taj mahals to come back. or maybe the PE's. something other than what's up there right now.

    george have you tried the South American Cubensis ones that are up yet?

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    @MikeyC For me, the Penis Envy, Golden Teachers, and Taj Mahals are the most powerful shroom medicines I've received from here or anywhere, with the exception being some of Amsterdam's shroom truffles, which are cultivated legally. The Mazatecs are very good but a level gentler than those "big three." Like the San Pedros and the B+s, the Mazatecs look very, very cool.

    The San Pedros that frustrated me yesterday are actually as good as some I get from another California supplier. Nice guy. Weak shrooms. I was wrong about the San Pedros being "bunk." But they are the fifth-strongest shroom on the menu*, and the menu description should really reflect that. They're probably a good choice for someone who wants to stay tethered to the ground, but also take one step toward reorganizing the neuronal pathways...

    The B+s that I received last month were pure bunk. Zero effects from 28 grams. Given how similar the San Pedros looked, and that I took 3 grams without effect before more than doubling the dose, and that onset of effects required 2-3 hours, I basically overreacted.

    I had a small test order for these San Pedros and then got subbed a large order. I did not ask for a re-ship on the B+s, or on the first order of San Pedros, but not cool to sub an unknown strain of shrooms.

    @v32Finish Today is the day to try my South American cube tester order*. Look for a review soon. With this one I might wait a day before publishing...

  • If it's not teachers,penis envey,or taj I think il pass on them.i hope at least 1 of those 3 come back to the menu soon..I'm totally out! Which is bolocks.

  • These new South American cubes are strong @Kayla. They have helped me understand some seriously heavy communications. Wow. Oxford kind of day.

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