Looking for a recommendation

I want to find that one strain. You know the one.

You take a couple of tokes and soon you have "Chinese eyes" and a grin that can't be blasted off of your face. Everything is funny, the world looks a little brighter.

I found that with Durban.

Durban was from when I was in Alaska, not sold here... yet. Medboy, maybe your suppliers could look at the shop called Alaska Blooms in Fairbanks for Durban? Durban was my favorite while I was there.


  • Durban is a unique landrace that can be difficult to find. I'm asking the shippers if they can get it.

  • I 100 percent agree with you on the Durban.

  • Are you talking about Durban Posion? Sorry not trying to hi jack this thread but I’m not sure if it’s the same strain!

  • No, just Durban. I have a label and it says: "20.81% THC, CBD 0.84%". Also, the store's name is Alaskan Blooms, not Alaska Blooms.

  • Lots of strains have THC levels that high these days. Better luck not trying to find such a specific strain but rather look for something with a similar THC profile, like our Premium strains.

  • I plan to. While I have the wish list out, there is a shop in Fairbanks, out towards North Pole, called Chena Cannabis. They sell an in-house strain called "Chocolope". It tested out at 26.10 THC and 1.73 Terps. - Yeah, that one was a seducer. The buzz came on like a turbocharged engine: after just a moment's turbo lag.... boom! 1000% horsepower. :-D

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