🧟‍♂️ is back!!!!!

Frankenstein!!! So psyched! My all time favorite strain just appeared right when I needed it!!!! 🥳🥳🥳



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    @Joha I couldn’t resist either..grabbed a 1/2 right after it hit the board..thought this maybe a seasonal strain 😎

  • Oh man I do remember enjoying after finally meeting that monster

  • @Joha what's so great about it? Is the description accurate?

  • I hope it sticks around a while until payday! I have yet to hook up with the monster!

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    Here's the proper pronunciation:

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    would love more info on this strain from yall that love it so much.. how is the appearance? aroma? effects? curious also like @TreesPlz if the description is spot-on, mostly accurate, a bit off..? (have noticed that mostly they are pretty accurate, but sometimes i get something totally different than they say :open_mouth: :joy: )

    this is one of those strains i have never tried yet, but i know a bunch of ppl *love this strain.. def. curious bout the lineage/family history of this one also

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    Right with you @v32Finish I read the board description get psyched and end up with a mid range med😤. If the Doctors the real deal I'm all in.🤔 All the unknown lineage makes me really curious too.

  • @v32Finish @MNTDWLER you guys are spot on that sometimes batches are not what you anticipate even with the hype. Hopefully this Frank delivers or I will be kicking myself for ordering a 1/2. I’m already at a surplus. Gotta stop looking for a few weeks..maybe a year? Lol

  • @superman38NC yep! I haven't ordered since January because of that.

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    @superman38NC that is just a really good post right there. (your last one). i'm hoping for you also, that ol' Frank is truly a Tank this time around. can totally relate- at a surplus myself; definitely i think sometimes beneficial to take a break from coming to the main/menu page so often. :joy:

    also totally agree.. it's a batch game. for sure. 'nother reason this forum is bad-ass : recon/intelligence!

    @Sixwaychili wow, congrats. i have taken a sporadic break.. i haven't gone straight like 2 months or anything, but overall my amount of orders went wayyyy down the past month or 2. basically the same thing; just using alot of stuff that i still had. finally worked this zip of dolato down to about a 1/4 or less, with about the same or a little more remaining of my zip of ice cream cake. i'm just not built for buying zips.. it sure is nice, to snag a favorite, and i don't knock on anyone . but me personally, smoking alone and often after work when i'm tired or whatever.. i don't go thru alot. (haha- that's funny. my wife would have a comment to insert rt there, i think) ....you know what i mean tho :joy:

    great job for holding off for so long!! it'll be that much more special when you finally treat yourself!

    @Joha thank you for the review! appreciate you posting that up here.

  • Thx! @v32Finish I’ll give an update when I get it 🤞🏼. It’s hard to not want to see what’s on the board. I looked while ago and I’m like man that black banana cookies looks 💥 🤪

  • Got some on the way anybody try it yet.?

  • And now I wait for the good doctor.....

    I spilt with SS. I hear it's all the rage with the kids these days.

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    Just received! Awesome batch! Just as I remember 🧟

  • I hope I get this it should be otw!

  • Yeah, I got it for the first time a few months back when it was here and love it for a night time strain. I can vape it while laying down watching TV and not get too zonked where I totally conk out during a TV show or movie, but it relaxes to a degree where when I want to fall asleep, I can.

    I had been using it somewhat sparingly since I hadn't seen it too much on here but ordered more this time around so that I can use it more often.

  • @joha awesome! Mine should arrive very soon. Cannot wait to hit 🧟‍♂️

  • @Joha beautiful bud's, look's like the Doctors in thanks.

  • Looks awesome kinda upset haven't tried grabbing any this batch but hopefully can soon

  • Just ordered a split of this and gave some options of either Lavender, Gelato 33, or Jungle Punch. When one can't decide, let @LoudnCo choose for ya. Lol

  • The Gelato and jungle are are both sweet choices and the lavender is well ya know lavender lol. You gotta love these boards. 😁

  • Good bud

  • Frank the dank

  • Dankenstein ?

  • Dankensteeeen

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