I Feel So Good

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Going on 15 months now with COVID-19, or whatever this is. My notes begin January 20, 2020. It comes at me in waves and my personal clinical tracking system focuses on three main things: chest/congestion, rashes, digestion. I won't delve into the details because the point is: I feel damn good today.

The rash has gone from the oozing kind to dry. That said, it's interesting how it looks like my tummy has chicken pox and my back and arms have herpes. But that's getting too detailed. It's clearing up.

My medications:

Mushroom tea
Cannabis sativa

You could easily say, "that's not exactly a great track record, sick for 15 months, maybe your meds aren't as great as you think." From a science standpoint, I can't disagree. Compared to what, right? What is success?

I define it as emerging from a death cocoon after 15 months and not being dead. It's about managing expectations.

I might actually roll a joint. Nothing wrong with vaping but I want to hit deep on something big...I want big flavor. Smell and flavor are coming back.

Nice when it's flowing and not ebbing, you know?


Magnesium oxide
Cordyceps extract
Lion's mane extract


  • One criterion oft-dismissed is: I like taking my medicine. It is pleasing, which means I am compliant. God made it that way. God does not hate you being "high." In fact, my church, the Church of the Sprightly Elf, does not believe in "high." We say to those who are low-down, "let's bring you up to level!"

    It's a different point of emphasis, you see...

    The Church of the Sprightly Elf will be coming to YouTube soon. Stay tuned.

  • Hell yeah, glad you're feeling great! Success is psychological imo.

  • May I suggest Vitamin D supplement to go with your regimen?

    I went through a bout of something similar to what you are describing, only the event was measured in days, not months. I credit that partially to being on Vit. D as a morning add-on to all the other pills I have to take every morning.

    I am taking 5000 IU in a soft gel form. I learned about Vit. D back when the docs ran a blood test on me and found I was very low on D, mainly because I never went outside into the sun. One of my pills causes be to burn like toast in the sun.

    I got a megadose of Vit. D and started on a one-a-day gel cap. Since then, I tend to heal up faster, recover from any kind of "I feel bad" days, and my skin cleared up. Vit. D is supposed to help boost your immune system, as well as help with your bones.

    I am no doctor, so take this as just me yacking about Vitamin D. :smiley:

  • I'm glad your feeling better @georgetirebiter congrats! I hate that you have been going thru this for this long.i wish you the best..

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    @justaguy Vitamin D used to be in my regimen, but I was using "whole food" Vitamin D. The problem with "whole food" vitamin/mineral supps is that they trigger inflammation, in me. My claim is that they do so in other Celiacs as well. Anyway, a decade ago I was using Carlson or Country Life brand and they worked great. I might go back to a gel cap like you suggest.

  • And thanks @ChunksEggo8187. I agree. Success, like failure, is a positive feedback loop. Thanks @Kayla.

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    15 minutes of sun is the best way to get vitamin D. There's no better way to produce and absorb vitamin D than your skin in the sun.

    @georgetirebiter you may want to try some kombucha/prebiotics/probiotics or even raw milk to get your good gut bacteria going again. There are tons of sources for it, including anything that is fermented. The chicken pox/hives could be a candida fungal overgrowth in your stomach, which is often caused by antibiotics because the balance of good bacteria and everything else is no longer in alignment. You also mentioned previously that you had digestive issues, which also is a symptom of not enough good bacteria. Food allergies like gluten sensitivity is also exasperated by this.

    There is a very high percentage of the population with these issues because no one knows anything about it. On purpose, so you're more likely to rely on doctors and medication instead of yourself.

    This is the main reason I avoid antibiotics and also antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers. They are not discerning when they kill bacteria. You need the good stuff because it's the entire basis of your immune system and keeping your body in balance. Chemotherapy is another thing that destroys your immune system and good gut bacteria.

  • This is relevant.

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    @Sixwaychili Understood, believe me. But it doesn't work. Not for me.

    It only goes to emphasize a point that I will make again and again until the feds come to kill me: If you're listening to population-level advice, you'd better be average.

    That said: I agree with your advice for 95% of human beings.

    And thanks for the GC! God bless that man.

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