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    @OzBaxter how did you like the better than yours? Was really curious about that one. Looks really good

  • Thank for taking time to post pics @OzBaxter

  • I have Jager, and it looks just like yours. I had BTY on my purchase list, but it left before I could get any.
    How's it treating you?

    Thanks for sharing your pics!

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    Thanks Oz,a picture speaks a thousand words. Thanks for the pics and your time. πŸ’š

  • Better Than Yours is very tasty. I wouldn't say it's better than Slurricane, which is what I've got in my bowl right now, but all my cannabis has been put on notice...put up or shut up time...

  • @georgetirebiter is that slurricane awesome ? I have been stalking it on the menu I saw someone’s photo and it looked like those really tight hard buds? Thoughts and thanks in advance

  • @Rubygirl816 @MigraineWarrior79 The BTY is.....okay. I don't know. It is "tasty", like George mentioned. But for some reason, it leaves no real lasting impression on me. The buzz seems to fade quickly and is generally undefinable to me. Of course, that could be just my tolerance, lack of discernment, etc. It's not bad. At all. But it's nothing special. 6/10 I'd guess.

  • And sorry for the quality of the pics. I just upgraded to a new phone, but the resolution on these don't seem that great. Maybe it's something about the hosting site converting it down. I'll see if I can load better shots.

    I've got some Biscotti, Black Banana Cookies, Mimosa, and a refill on Pop Tart coming. I'll post some pics of those when I get them.

  • Appreciate the pics! Thank you!

  • Gotcha thanks @OzBaxter think I’m going to do a split of slurricane and zookies, along with some dark star terp sauce.

  • @icdeadpeople

    I've ordered quite a bit on here, but I never go right back for the same strain. Maybe if it reappears months later, but never while it's still on the menu from my first order. I like to try different strains too much. After I got a taste of Slurricane in one of my splits, I immediately turned around and ordered a half. I think it is now my favorite strain. It's a tolerance breaker for sure.

  • @OneLove you just helped me pull the trigger thanks pal for the photo and honest review

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    @OneLove Tolerance-breaker is a good way to put it.

    I looked up my stimulus check and it's supposed to be mailed this week. Of all the herb on MedMama's menu that I love, that's probably my last zip I order for awhile, a re-up on Slurricane. I just need to vape some Buddha a little more to figure out whether it's as good as I think it is. I'm in money-conservation mode and that's the one I see as the best value.

    It's funny how "value" changes depending on your point of view. If I were buying QPs for re-sale, Slurricane would be the best value, I think, but I haven't tried some of the others.

    I do not buy for re-sale. I just vape/smoke a lot of the stuff. For me, the outdoor strains like Budhha, Biscotti, Triple Scoop, Purple Kush...any of the heavy-hitters, are the best value because I like them almost as much as the top tier and I can hoard them for lean times.

    I almost prefer ugly weed. Buddha is not ugly but it would not be a bag-appeal stunner like Slurricane. That one sells you on the look but it really is a level better than almost anything else out there and it holds up to repeated uses...never gets old. So my re-up order is probably Buddha not Slurricane but that really isn't about the herb; it's more about getting subbed. At this late juncture I don't have faith that the "no subs" clause will be honored and a sub of Tropicana Cookies or something would not ruin my day. A sub of anything for Slurricane would ruin my day. Not permanently, but you wouldn't want to be around me that morning when the mail came.

  • No problem @icdeadpeople.

    @georgetirebiter I also thought about getting subbed as this is one of those orders where I'm ONLY ordering to get this specific strain. Keeping my fingers crossed 🀞🏽.

    I totally agree about Slurricane and resale. It would be gone in 10 seconds in my area just from appearance alone.

  • @OneLove is that pic the slurricane or the slurricana?? They both have same description and pic on the board. But I'm guessing their 2 totally different strains.

  • I ordered some Slurricane assuming it was a dupe/typo. Are they really two different strains!

  • @Kayla I just assumed it's the same. I'm actually almost positive they both said Slurricana for a while and just recently one of them changed to say Slurricane.

  • I can't remember which one I picked when I ordered.

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