Uh.. Purple OG Kush?

That will be on the menu for about 30 mins.



  • Where as flower or what

  • Couldn’t resist a 1/4 of this treat. Sure it’s going to be 🔥

  • yeah, flower

  • @superman38NC Same. I see Purple, I buy lol

  • Unfortunately I'm dead in the water with respect to ordering. Xcoins cancelled me after a running feud which I won't get into. And I just am not into the whole scan my driver's license thing at this moment. God is telling me something, maybe? At any rate, I'm doing and @funkynugz spending freeze and using what I have.

    And this morning I have a lot of Pineapple Jack, so...

    I will be dreaming of more of this purple kush but not buying any.

  • Surprised it’s still on the menu. Just grabbed a oz of this lovely flower

  • My qtr is on da way

  • Is purple kush good?

  • I hope so @TreesPlz they talk good about it 70 a qtr cant beat that

  • @TreesPlz Purple Kush outdoor has come around here several times and is a favorite. lots of people really into it. (i myself haven't had the pleasure yet as i missed both the recent drops that i saw due to funds... )

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