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I am trying to REPLACE/LINK my new Visa debit card (same bank /different card #)...Does anyone know if I have to REMOVE the existing Visa card BEFORE I can ADD my new Visa card even though my ADDRESS/BANK is the same....I believe Coinbase makes 2 - 10 cent debits from your account and you have to confirm the 2 amounts by Text to confirm the new card ?


  • you don't have to remove it, but you do have to confirm the two debits again...

  • Thanks for your reply....I had to cancel the card being replaced.

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    So add the new card from the SAME BANK and confirm the 2 debit amounts 1st...Then you can REMOVE the old INVALID/CANCELLED card ?...I was thinking that I could just EDIT the card with the different card #/exp date/code....There is NO Coinbase customer support...SUCKS!

  • Go with Cash App as an alternative...easy, tube if needed for guidance

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    Cash app so much easier. Everythings in one place/app, debit card, bitcoin and bitcoin wallet plus stocks. Gotta be the easiest and best way to buy and use cryptocurrency bro.

  • There are many Coinbase users on this MM site...Very user friendly until you have a question or problem...!

  • Stay away from coinbase. To much personal info sharing I used when I was new to bitcoin. Way to meny other options

  • Coin MoMA etc- switch around don't use any certain one . Space it out

  • You can send straight to mm bitcoin address. Best and very simple and there's plenty of other options

  • Try cash app first because that is the easiest and fastest way to get bitcoin. You can buy, sell, store them in your wallet or send them to another wallet to pay for your order. I can't think of an easier way to buy and use bitcoin.

  • Cash app only way to go i can order buy bitcoin and send it in less than 30 seconds.

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    And if you use there cash app card you can boost your purchases and get bitcoin i boosted all restaurants last week and got 20% in bitcoin at the end of the week.last mth i had 85$ in bitcoin boost

  • Well the reason I cannot link my NEW Visa Debit card to my Coinbase account is BANK OF AMERICA / VISA has recently changed their policy and will DENY any new Debit card accounts with BOA / VISA linked to cryptocurrency related companies including COINBASE....My only option now is to link direct to my Bank account...So do not replace your DEBIT card unless you have no choice !

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    Better yet, get away from Bank of America and store your money in a bank that isn't so manipulative and predatory. Such as a local credit union or no fee/no minimum/no restriction online banks like Chime.

  • I will take a look at Chime....But thinking Coinbase will not link a Debit card with Chime?

  • @Katy I use coinbase exclusively and I haven't had any issues except when I very first started with them holding funds. In about a month or so my limits jumped to $5000 a week so I have no problems. I'm with you and I'm extremely careful about who I link my accounts to.

  • @Katy I use Chime with Coinbase all the time.

  • @Katy try coin MoMA been useing for a while no problems and very good coustermer serv. Fees are pretty nml for bitcoin

  • Also you can send straight to mm Bitcoin address with out going into your wallet first

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    FYI Merrill Lynch@BankofAmerica had changed their POLICY on Bitcoin/Crypto Links ....So had to link another Card... Coinbase was not the problem after all... problem solved !!

  • Get you a chime bank card for these type of service. They support Bitcoin

  • Major banks I would nvr trust to much info going into there system when you purchase coins

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    @Tac yeah Chime is the best. No fees ever for anything but out of network ATM withdrawls, but then again, I haven't been to an ATM in over a year. They even cover if you pay more than your balance without a fee.

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    @Sixwaychili .. I like them and haven't had any problems . Very easy to deal with

  • Good customer service...I opened a Chime account a month ago and have the debit card but never funded the acct...Will just keep Chime acct and activate later if needed...Thanks

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