Rove Carts

Are they really worth almost twice as much as the other carts? Or is there a price mistake on the cheaper ones?


  • I'm going with the latter...

  • In the taste department the high department most definitely not worth the money. The Rove are the smoothest I have tried there's no throat discomfort at all. The flavor profile is accurate but for the price I'm gonna keep shopping for refills.

  • @Sixwaychili the reason the TKO carts are listed at the half gram cart price is because I got a discount and passed it on to y'all. The other carts are just the standard full gram price. Hope this helps!

  • Thanks @LoudnCo I love your cart's and try just about everything that you put out with stellar results. Thanks again for the discounts I know every little bit helps me. The Rove cart's are a luxury I appreciate so keep 'em coming. Is there any chance of getting more king Louis cart's?.great little sleeper and a keeper they are. Maybe do a few refills yourself? That would be a game changer don't ya think? I know it would be for me.

  • @MNTDWLER I LITERALLY just emailed MB saying we found a whole box of the King Louis carts...

  • @LoudnCo hey guys thanks for all you do! Looking for your opinion of all the carts you have which provides the best plant terp flavor? Just curious what you guys prefer. Thanks in advance

  • We honestly like them all. We are also picky and not picky at the same time. We all smoke pretty heavily (crazy right?!) so everything kind of blends together at this point tbh but we haven't ever said "ew" to any of the carts. I would just say if you want more bang for your buck go with TKO but the other ones are also great.

  • @LoudnCo are you guys planning on releasing any live resin carts or any special "sauce" carts before the 4:20 holiday?

  • @Bg4200 I do not! Sorry!

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