Anyone ever sold their used vapes?

I see where the Pax 3 is currently on sale for 130$. I am likely going to get it. However, I have the Pax 2, GPen Elite and FuryEdge currently. I'd like to downsize. Has anyone ever sold their old pieces on a place like eBay?


  • There's a group on reddit for selling used mmj devices

  • U may have better luck @NOLA504 but ebay said it was against their rules to sell a pax3. N still charged me for the day or so it was allowed up. But u may b able to. Happy 🌲

  • @Vapedad78 hmm, may look into it though never really done anything on Reddit.

    @Lou_lew I am going to give it a shot. I think it's so dumb that I can buy bongs, pipes, etc. on eBay but they have a problem with these items. I see a few listed now under "aroma therapy" items. So maybe ill try that.

  • @NOLA504 r/entexchange is name of the group there's always nice stuff for decent prices on there

  • @Vapedad78 Nice! will check it out. I saw the Pax 3 on a website's Easter sale for 129.99 and had to pull the trigger.

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    @NOLA504 I think you're going to be happy with it, add a few budkups and it's a great setup.

  • @MNTDWLER so the bud cups are worth it? I saw them on Amazon and they looked interesting. Interested in trying the app out. I found a away to get it on the iPhone. I really liked the 2, but when the 3 dropped to the sale price I had to make the jump. Thanks for the bud cups recommendation!

  • @NOLA504 no doubt the budkups are worth it especially if you're taking it with you. The budkups make changing loads and clean up so much easier. I keep a few different strains for different times of the day. Thanks to @TheProfessor I made the jump and couldn't be happier with the whole pax setup. The app is great, I like the efficiency for flower and boost for concentrates..but just playing around with the app is a hoot.

  • @MNTDWLER Nice, do they come with a carry case or anything? So I could maybe pre load them and then just take them with me on the go?

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    @NOLA504 Yeah they have a few choices, I just got the 6 pack in the metal case. I don't really need a boveda pack but they do make a tin that holds a small one. The pre load throw em in the tin or a baggie and go is the best part of budkups.

  • @MNTDWLER @NOLA504 Ive got two of the round 6-pack tins with the bovedas. Great for traveling! On our road trip this week we took 4 strains, three Budkups each, our Pax3, and charger! Worked out great!

  • Awesome! Im excited to try them out. Especially after finding out I can use the app on iOS on my iPhone. Also my Pax 2 hasn't been taken down from eBay (fingers crossed). Hopefully it sells!

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