Jack Herer

Has anyone tryed the Jack Herer from moma looks like fire . Had the lava last time it was up decided on jack this time.


  • Never tried it, but grabbed an 1/8th just in case lol

  • I had some greenhouse a while back and it was fire. I ordered some of the indoor cuz I know it will be good

  • I got the greenhouse a while back as well. Nice energetic, focused high with a good body buzz. Definitely a good daytime strain

  • Just got some of the Nepalese100% sativa and I still think the Jack Herer I've ordered in the past offered a better "uplifting" and "energetic" type of high one would hope to get from a sativa strain. Nepalese seems like Diet Jack Herer.

  • I just got the Jack H in today and it is FIRE. I smoked a couple of one-hitters and immediately found myself lost in four hours of a PC game (Valheim). Love this stuff. Wish I could afford more.

  • Thanks for the info mine is on the way in transit arriving late . Was supposed to be hear yesterday .

  • @OzBaxter How's the nose on it !

  • @Tac No false advertising there. Smells amazing! Definitely hints of pine. I was sold the moment I opened the bag lol

  • Sounds really good hope mine gets in Monday thanks

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