Vape Refill Guide

What's the easiest way to transfer the vape distillate from the syringe it's in to the skinny curved one to inject into an empty cart?

(I hope that makes sense. Stoned to the max currently, lol)

Hair dryer, hot water?

I have some refills that should be here tomorrow along with some empty carts.


  • Hair dryer, and use a syringe tip, and stop when thinks goo up to reheat. Amazon has the syringe tips and syringe kit

  • @MigraineWarrior79 What kind of carts did you get for refills, if you don't mind my asking? Currently looking to purchase some for myself!

  • @beachblonde sprk cartridges are pretty good. I buy and use them all the time

  • @MigraineWarrior79 i always use a blow dryer and like mikeyc said, you might have to reheat a bit in between filling carts cause it will get gooey. Also always heat the cartridge itself too!

  • @beachblonde what she said. I use a blow dryer and sometimes even a cigarette lighter it depends on where I am. I also have a honey stick oil recovery kit that includes 2 syringes and 4 different sizes of needles. I use spark cartridges exclusively because they are cheap and preform like a champ. Good luck and happy vapes. πŸ’šπŸ’¨πŸ€

  • I used vape warehouse, and got the 1ml/1gram carts
    I got 10 of them. My vape battery only holds that particular size.

    I received Watermelon OG and OG Kush refills.

    The Watermelon og knocked me on my booty!

    Thanks everyone for the tips on filling the carts.
    I used a blow dryer and a syringe I got off Amazon. Super duper easy.

  • Thanks to @MNTDWLER and @MigraineWarrior79 !

    Truly appreciate your help.

  • I got the strawberry daiquiri and watermelon og!

  • yep... super easy as long as you get both the syringe and the empty cart heated up properly. i had the Sunset Sherbet vape refill and it was really, really good.. the Wifi OG is also good, but a little less terpy and a little less potent maybe? definitely less terpy, may be similar potency. SS is better .

    i never saw Watermelon OG... that sounds crazy! can we get some of that in premium flower plz @medmama @LoudnCo hehe

  • I think they use the same distillate in each refill b and just add different terps

  • I have wedding cake and strawana, on the way. I almost got the watermelon, next time! recently got the grape ape. I didn’t care for it. It tasted kind of like spearmint or something. Hubby loved it. And I agree with @v32Finish would love to see watermelon OG in flower @LoudnCo @medmama

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    That Watermelon OG knocked me out by 9er last night! I haven't crashed that early in SO LONG!
    I definitely recommend it for those looking for πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

    Let me know how the Strawnana treats you!

  • Watermelon "Kush" was one of the best Medmama flower strains last year. It's my main picture still. @v32Finish

    I'm stoked for my distillates! It'll be a first, for me, from medman.(Pineapple Express & Banana Kush) I'm going for Watermelon OG next time.

  • Oh nice put in for some watermelon and requested split with strawberry daiquiri for research purposes @MigraineWarrior79

  • @MizterNiceGuy @Vapedad78
    I hope it treats yall well!

  • Appreciate it will try remember to update thank you

  • @Rubygirl816
    I'm new to this, but have had a couple of D8 distillate cartridges and 1 D9. I'm on a disability budget & planned on using refills, but am worried about heating them.

    You said you have to heat the syringe it comes in AND the cartridge you're filling? How long did you heat them with a blow dryer? (I wonder if there are any YouTube videos?) Do they vape like prefilled carts when you use them, or do you have to heat it each time?

    I've used luer lock syringes & 14 gauge 1.5" blunt tip needles from Amazon to fill/empty my vape tanks, & ordered nice 1ml ceramic coil cartridges with a wood mouthpiece from dhgate last night, $28 for 20, free shipping, if you're looking to save $.

    How long does it take to get shipments after ordering here? (My first time, nervous.) Sorry for the long msg, thank you for the help!

  • Just set it on low and both the top less cartridge and syringe couple inches away until the bubble starts moving freely then should be good to fill just a couple min usually bout all it takes

  • @Dez411 just like vape dad said above. Use a blow dryer just until up you see the bubble in the syringe moving up and down. And the cartridge your filling cause you want that to be warm so the liquid just slides into cart. I have the blunt tip for the luer lock also, but most recently the refills are in different syringes. Honestly you won’t need the tips. If you just warm like we said. Everyone is nervous first time ordering. As far as shipping they are usually pretty fast but USPS is a whole other story. Read some of the forum . Welcome to MM

  • @Dez411 welcome to the family and relax. I live in the south eastern region and my order's arrive in 4 to 9 days depending on the shipper and USPS. Everyone's nervous their first time but don't worry your in great hands here. I hope you get your order soon and I know it will live up to and surpass your expectations. About vape refills @Rubygirl816 & @Vapedad78 said it all.πŸ’šπŸ’¨πŸ€

  • @MNTDWLER @Rubygirl816 @Vapedad78 Thanks everyone! I'm about to try getting bitcoin & place an order. I read that the amount can change between purchasing it & getting the address to pay out to- is it better to wait to buy it until you get billed, or is it better to buy it ahead of time? It's my first time with bitcoin too.

  • @Dez411 if you're buying coins only for purchases wait until you are billed, however if you put a few bills into coin in the long run you will find yourself ahead. Make sure to copy the wallet address I just click, copy and and paste it on my clipboard until my order arrives. Also save the payment confirmation it's the life line for your order if you ever need it. The price of coin does change quickly so give yourself a few dollars of leeway and you will be fine. My best wishes are with just joined a fantastic family and a first rate dispensary my friend.

  • I lm confused about my 1st order. I bought bitcoin bc it asks how you're paying on the order screen. I've not smoked in 20 years & hate smoking CBD so tried to add the 1g $5 sample from Med Mama & the 1/4g shatter sample from Loud incase i can't tolerate bud. The order said my total was $5 but should be $15+ shipping. Then it timed out & it was lost.. I also lost the discount code and the site tells me my zip is wrong though it's not when i try to request it to my email.
    I used cashapp for buying bitcoin and can't figure out if i need a wallet before ordering product.. What do I do next?

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