Most of the strains have detale such as smell of product etc - then you have some that doesn't say anything about it . Would like to see all shippers have this included in the comments. Such as the ghost train that's on site now doesn't say anything about the smell just the tast. 95 percent of the time good product is going to smell good and loud. That would be nice to see just a thought


  • Great feedback, thanks! I'm passing it along.

  • I enjoyed your outdoor strains like granddaddy purple. It was a little dry but it was still very good and had some legs to it. Definitely better sleep. The Larry Bird/Gelato was also very enjoyable. Can you tell me what is the best strains you have now? How is the mendo breath or the sfv ?
    Can you tell me which is a better knock you on your ass strain? Out of all your strains.

  • My vote for that would be GG4!

  • To answer your question, mendo breath has been my all time favorite from them so far. Very well grown buds.

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