Another Perfect Delivery

Just wanted to let you know another perfect delivery! We got the Blackberry Diesel and as warned it was a little dry but smell and quality is 💯 as usual! Anyone who thinks that Medman is a scam etc is just WRONG! This review/post is totally unsolicited and I hope everyone has their medicine on time like we do! I’m in Cape May NJ and have never waited more then 4 days! It’s better and faster then Dominos! Thanks MedBoy and employees for everything you do!


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    I usually have the same success, but this is the first time I'm going to have to send a "Where's my package message". Hate to do it, but no action on the informed delivery since the lable was created on the 30th. And yes it's been the two full weeks as required before I get blasted with ppls math skills

  • Hey I understand, I just know we’ve never waited for more then 4 doors and we’re literally on the other side of the country! Things happen with the mail we’re just lucky our Government employee has a brain!

  • Opps that should say 4 days! My bad the blackberry had me twisted!👍😬

  • Lol I got you bro...I'm not trying to talk medboy down, I'm east coast as well and love this service. I just don't want everyone to think that if you don't see anything in 4 days, ur getting screwed. I trust this will be worked out as always.

  • Mine has only been a week so far , but I’m in the same boat as you hamgreen87. I’ve been ordering on & off for quite sometime now & this is a first. Just thought it was a little unusual. Hoping to see some movement by tomorrow.

  • Jadeo I’m pretty sure it has something to do with back orders and the site being down, Again this is unsolicited as I have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SITE! I’m just giving my own experience on the east coast from ordering every couple months.. Never had a problem and don’t expect any!

  • I wonder if the power outages happening right now have somthing to do with it.. I'm watching informed delivery and noticing some lag within USPS

  • You can sometimes see this kind of effect even when our site is working perfectly. Informed delivery doesn't always work right, unfortunately. And yes, Hamgreen, feel free to write to me through the contact form.

  • Message sent. Thanks brother, I know this will get worked out. I'm submitting my next order today anyways...Going to be a badass next couple of weeks for me!!! Hope everyone over there is safe with those fires

  • Hamgreen87, I'm gonna have to join the "where's my package" list too. However............
    I got a delivery today, for a seperate order shipped out 10/8 so at least I can say for sure stuff is getting to where it needs to go. In fact, the package showed up faster than ever. Literally like 36 hours (I'm on the east coast). It was posted Wednesday and I got it this morning, Friday the 11th .
    I too had ordered (I think on 10/2) when Bitcoin was down and have not received that order or an informed delivery notification either. This is the first time ever, out of several orders so that's a pretty good track record if you ask me so I'm totally cucumber.
    I'm following the 2 week rule for good measure.
    PS- My Greenhouse BlackBerry Diesel was subbed out for Greenhouse Sour Kush.

  • FYI, Med Mama's power got shut off as part of the blackouts in California so many of her orders are delayed. Sorry about this...

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