What's the difference Greenhouse vs. Premium flower.

Currently offered are 3 different Purple Punch. 2 Premium flower and 1 Greenhouse. 2 from Med Mama (one of which is Greenhouse and the other Premium. Loud&co is offering the 3rd, also a premium flower.
The pictures representative of the 3 show obvious visual differences.
What would be the specific differences be between the 3, aside from the price. Obviously the Greenhouse bud is less expensive.


  • All the bud from both shippers is really good & the people growing, trimming, & curing are masters. Generally greenhouse uses a combination of lights & sunlight among other techniques. The premium bud was grown indoors under optimal conditions.

  • What is the difference between Indoor and Premium. For example, I would assume Premium is grown Indoors, but what designates "Premium" status as opposed to simply being labeled "indoor".
    Is it the lineage of the strain or the origin of the seed? Does premium indicate that only the best colas are selected and the rest of the plant is considered indoor but not Premium?

  • Premim is always better, my experience, outdoor little buzz, indoor more buzz, while premium you will really get the 'buzz'

  • BC Wesley basically has it right. In fact some of our Premium strains are grown inside greenhouses and others are grown indoors. Using advanced greenhouse techniques it's possible to get the same level of quality as indoor. It all depends on the skill of the grower.

    When we label a strain "Greenhouse" or "Indoor," it simply means that in the shipper's opinion it's not the same level of quality as a true Premium. Premiums are our best, whether they come from indoors or a greenhouse.

    Hope that helps.

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