USPS spying on your social media

Disturbing, but definately not surprising. Not like we can really boycott the post office.


  • Wow this explains the mail lol. I wonder why?
    My paranoid self kicks me for saying this but maybe they are just using it to navigate around these areas? The article certainly doesnt give much away

  • Postal Employee: "May I help you?"
    Kramer: "Yeah, I'd like to cancel my mail."
    Postal Employee: "Certainly. How long would you like us to hold it?"
    Kramer: "Oh, no, no. I don't think you get me. I want out, permanently."
    Newman: "I'll handle this, Violet. Why don't you take your three hour break?
    Oh, calm down, everyone. No one's cancelling any mail."
    Kramer: "Oh, yes, I am."
    Newman: "What about your bills?"
    Kramer: "The bank can pay 'em."
    Newman: "The bank. What about your cards and letters?"
    Kramer: "E-mail, telephones, fax machines. Fedex, telex, telegrams,
    Newman: "All right, it's true! Of course nobody needs mail. What do you
    think, you're so clever for figuring that out? But you don't know the half of
    what goes on here. So just walk away, Kramer. I beg of you."
    Supervisor: "Is everything all right here, Postal Employee Newman?"
    Newman: "Yes, sir, I believe everything is all squared away. Isn't it, Mr.
    Kramer: "Oh, yeah. As long as I stop getting mail!"

  • @MikeyC that has to be my all time favorite seinfeld episode 😂

  • I love me some Kramer!

    Fun fact:
    Down here in the part of LA where I'm at, there is a town named Kramer, and it's a popular Cajun last name. 😊

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I always think about Cosmo Kramer when I pass an interstate sign for Kramer here in LA. Love that sign, and the "Boutte" interstate sign. Whenever I'd bring friends in from Ole Miss, those who hadn't seen it before would ask if it was pronounced "Booty".

  • @NOLA504


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    Remember when they were driving the USPS truck to get those golf clubs with the entire back filled with cans to recycle in a different state?

  • Elaine's Office]

    Elaine is sitting with her head in her hands. Peterman enters at a

    PETERMAN: (excited) Elaine! You found the clubs. That's wonderful news.
    Where are they?

    ELAINE: (not the soul of happiness) Yep. Lemme get 'em for you, Mr

    PETERMAN: Oh, I'll be inaugrating them this weekend, with none other
    than Ethel Kennedy. A woman whose triumph in the face of tragedy is exceeded only
    by her proclivity to procreate.

    Elaine puts the bag of clubs down beside Peterman. The clubs are, of
    course, wrecked. Elaine looks like she's expecting a poor reaction. Peterman
    picks up a club or two, staring in disbelief at the twisted metal.

    ELAINE: The uh, the letter of, authenticity's in the side pocket there.

    PETERMAN: Elaine. I never knew Kennedy had such a temper.

    ELAINE: (spotting a chance to keep her job) Oh. Oh yeah. The only thing
    worse was his slice. (she laughs nervously)

    PETERMAN: See you on Monday.

    Peterman picks up the bag and heads for the door.

    ELAINE: Have a good game.

  • J peterman was great 😂. Does anybody remember when elaine ate that piece of cake...and then peterman has it appraised.....entenmanns! 😂

  • @MikeyC WOW I wish I had your memory, fantastic recall. I loved Seinfeld but my shattered little mind could never do a play by play lol.

  • If DeJoy has seen my Twitter feed I am in trouble. I’ll never get Mail again.

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