Blu Magoo W/Pic's

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Don't know why I waited so long to pull the trigger on this sweet lady. When I first opened the bag this floral, berry infusion hits me in the snozz. The linalool and limeoneen are the most evident terpenes in this flower. The dark green bud's have orange hairs flowing throughout. There's a hint of blue or purple trying to come through but are most pronounced only on a few buds. The bud's were dry but I bombed 'em with several bovedas for 24hr's and it made a huge difference, a few days and they'll be perfect. I started off with a joint last night, I haven't smoked a joint in months so my reaction may not be the same as others. I found the smoke to be kinda harsh, but this morning when vaped at 384° In my EQ the berry and floral notes come through strong. The high is a indica lovers dream, no racing thoughts or heart. The high started with a unfocused feeling creeping up behind my eyes. That soon spreads leaving my mind relaxed..the unfocused feeling soon narrowed into a nice focused high. This leavening my mind unburdened by any and all problems. The body effects spread slowly but very evident, it flowed from my head slowly down my shoulders into my neck and back before relaxing my extremities leaving me with less pain and a clear mind. All I know is that this girls a keeper, she showed up on time, dressed to the nines and left me happy and relaxed at the end of our date. What more can a mountain dweller ask for?? 😁🥴💚💨🍀PS thanks @ChunksEggo8187 and @TheProfessor I was still playing with pictures lol. What I also found nice was that it hadn't been trimmed to death, still little sugar leaves and crystals throughout. Very nice change.


  • Beautiful pics & a great review! Thank you!

  • Awesome review @MNTDWLER...a little sad I missed out, but sounds similar in effects to the Cherry Pie! Great pictures!

  • Awesome review. Great stuff!

  • Was hoping to get myself some of this but got all cherry pie. Not complaining. The cherry pie is good smoke to but dam that looks good.

  • @Bobn218 the Blue Magoo popped back up on the menu today! I ordered another two ounce split of Blue Magoo and Blue Zkittles...hoping for the split, but I'd be fine with 2 oz of the Blue Magoo as well.

  • @TheProfessor so mom got you again lol loud lured me in with the rain maker. I think I'm stocked up for a couple of days ? We'll see how strong my willpower is over the next few hours lol.

  • @TheProfessor thanks for the heads up. Been throwing my money at momma for a while. Louds drop of the do si dos got me though. Got some this time last year and couldn’t resist.

  • Received my split as requested. The Blue Zkittles is great! The Blue Magoo looks just like the pics above...I'll hit it a little later this evening! Ordered Wednesday night, received Monday afternoon...just five days! Thanks again Medicineman!

  • @MNTDWLER how's the rain maker? Came really friggin close to grabbing

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