Blue Zkittles W/Pic's

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This is one sweet bag-o-candy, when I opened the second over wrap I was hit with the strongest smell of a candy store. Very sweet and fruity with just a hint of herbs and lemon. The bud's are extremely dry but I think a carpet bombing of boveda will help. The vape followed the aroma with berries, flowers, herbs and lemon coming through very strong. This lady leaves a almost sugary coating on the back of your throat. The high comes on pure indica very quickly at the base of your neck quickly flowing throughout the rest of your body. The effects are very calming and relaxing, your body will melt as tensions are relieved. I wouldn't go so far as saying this is a sleep strain, not for me anyway. This is a good pick for any one looking for a sweet sedating treat, indica lovers won't be disappointed. 😁💨💚🍀


  • Beautiful! I can almost smell it through the computer. Appreciate the pics & review!

  • Nice!!! It's on my list!

  • I've had Medmama's Blue Zkittles in every grow form. Always good bud and looks great. Thanks for the review !!

  • @MNTDWLER I think it's that southern cali climate or something. Always dry...

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    @kay I was thinking the very same thing lol🌶. @LoudnCo buds come from the rainforest of the Pacific northwest and always seem a little better. I haven't had anything from @medmama yet that boveda won't cure but I'll see how the blu zkittles turn out "the driest batch so far". Much love 💚💚🍀 PS I live in the only other rainforest in the country so for me the problems usually keeping things from being too moist. ⛈

  • Wow @MNTDWLER this is indeed some sweet smelling candy! We received our split of Blue Magoo and Blue Zkittles as requested today. The Blue Zkittles is very dry...right to the jar and Bovedas for a couple of days. The Blue Magoo wasn't as dry, but Bovedas will only make it better. Trying some of the Blue Zkittles now...defintely indica leaning...very nice! I think it will even be better after a few days in the jar! Both strains are definitely beautiful and smell oh so wonderful!😎

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