Every time I place an order I get so excited.

Got a z of Kosher Kush and a few 1/2 g vapes of Zkittlez since I'm I finally figured out I'm an indica guy. Just waiting on Informed Delivery to tell me when Christmas Day is.


  • When your Christmas day arrives, will you give us your thoughts on the Kosher Kush?

  • Will do, the reviews on leafly sound pretty awesome.

  • Just noticed that Kosher Kush got removed so I'm not sure what I'll get now.

  • So I got Greenhouse Tahoe OG subbed for Kosher Kush and it's quite nice. I only smoke in the evening, and I'd recommend this only for then. But there is some creative head high to go along with the typical indica full body high. I couldn't shut up when I first smoked it. I slept for over 11 hours that night! I needed it (and one of the main reasons I smoke).

  • get the Kushes and Kream its got a great feel and taste or the premium afgoo is WOW

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