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I usually don't post up questions here because i know yall are hella busy . but this one is really gnawing at me. @LoudnCo

can you give me the scoop on the prem. wedding cake? is this from the same grow as the last batch? pic looks different. reason i ask is bc i have a fair bit left of the previous WC. but if it's appreciably different, especially when it comes to a GSC whore like myself.. what do you think?

is it worth grabbing? for someone like me? just a re-up of the same stuff you had? whole nother plant/ batch/ grow/ grower?? i'm way more picky than i should be. hoping you can get some more premium cookies crosses, maybe some unique stuff. hoping to see some batches without immature seeds or late-flower nannaer-babies :D

The peeps, man, do it for the peepz! they need the deetz!! (my apologies for that one, pretty baked atm) :joy: would appreciate anything you can tell us bout this batch as it compares to the last

appreciate you & all you do man! thx brother!!!!!


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    @v32Finish the WC I received yesterday is the batch that’s on there now (ordered on 4/20)s..I had the previous WC too and they are quite different. What’s on there now is more GSC dominant imo. Both batches 🔥

  • @v32Finish I was wondering myself, there wasn't a orange hair within 5 miles of the last batch 🤔. Thanks @superman38NC I need something different and I am a cookie monster🧸lol. I need a really great strain of GSC to hit the board. But this looks amazing can you possibly post a picture? Thanks for the info... man-o- is it steel or weed?? 😉

  • Awesome thanks guys!!! Might just have to order some myself

  • @MNTDWLER it’s hard to tell in the pics but there is a lot of purple in these buds..when ground up it’s very apparent

  • @superman38NC terrific that's totally different from the last batch. It's green covered in almost pure silver crystals. When I ground it up it is the same thing not even a hint of orange hairs or anything even close to purple lol. Amazing things happen with different growers. That's the only explanation I have 🤔

  • @v32Finish Are you psychic? Because you post something (request), and Loud just magically put up some fire strains. 🤣
    Prem Sherbert, velvet kush, Gelato 33, Rain Maker...etc

  • Damn, I would order more but I'm waiting on 3 packs.

  • I have to say that dosido looks pretty damn good. I really like this strain. I have cherry pie, blackberry Kush and some jungle punch coming. I know I shouldn’t do it, but think I’m going to have to with all the other goodies now damn is right

  • @Rubygirl816 haha! At least we'll be stocked up. Had to get some Prem Sherbert. Looks too good to pass up.

  • This is not the first time this has happened @ChunksEggo8187 :joy: i couldn't believe it. i checked the site before i left work and saw it and remembered this post . would like to try the others too, but the only thing i could squeeze was some of the premium SS also.

  • @v32Finish me too bro 😂 This batch looks very similar to the batch you posted pics of last year.

  • Amazing drop @LoudnCo

  • i thought the same thing... fingers crossed!!!! yeeeeeeet lol

  • @v32Finish

    Scooped up Prem Sunset, and Prem Gelato 33
    Couldn't resist!

  • @Rubygirl816 i was lookin at that dosido too... just barely got edged out by the SS... but still looks and sounds amazing!!!! i have some dosido #4 seeds on the way from Archive seedbank im looking forward to

  • @LoudnCo WTF are you trying to do break up my marriage?? You got me with your 420 drop after I already went in debt to you and @medmama . Now what do you do but get my flipping flower felicitous fanny AGAIN. The Rain Maker was just too much for me to resist..and now even though I still have an ounce of mom's
    Premium Sunset sherbert Is screaming so LOUD I can't ignore it, do you take kids in trade??

  • @v32Finish it is a slightly different pheno! @MNTDWLER I have enough kids of my own! I will give you weed to take one off my hands! Ha! :wink:

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    @LoudnCo how much lol.😁 thanks for the offer but I'd have to play favorites.🤫

  • 😂 @LoudnCo @MNTDWLER trading cannabis for kids? Where do I sign up🤪..I have plenty myself

  • Now that I have cash to buy the dosido @v32Finish medmama goes and drops all these new goodies 🤦🏻‍♀️ She dropped a lot of good vape refills as well. Decisions decisions lol

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    @Rubygirl816 The Bizz , Wookie Girl flower look amazing and the Blueberry goo refills have me especially intrigued 🤫

  • I ended up getting fruity loops and watermelon og @MNTDWLER I was bummed when I saw the watermelon sold out so I grabbed it when I saw it restocked.

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    @Rubygirl816 I missed out on the watermelon of myself, Blueberry and Afghan goo sounds bomb ass dank. I ended up with a big order on 420, that didn't stop me from grabbing Rain Maker and more Bear OG shatter when it hit the board today 😉. So much great stuff

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