Alert, Awaiting Delivery Scan?

So I wake up this morning and check Informed Delivery, and I see a big red exclamation point with a red "alert" on my package, saying it's "Awaiting Delivery Scan". It also now shows that it arrived at the local post office and was out for delivery yesterday, even though I checked throughout the day and there were no updates. The same thing happened with the previous scan for arriving at the local city hub, it showed up as scanned the previous day even though I had been checking. Is it because yesterday was Sunday, so they didn't actually deliver it? Why would Informed Delivery update like that if wasn't actually out for delivery? Has this happened to anyone before? I'm almost certain it's just because the local post office is closed on Sundays but the big red exclamation point + "alert" spooked me.


  • The red alert seems to be sort of a generic "something happened!" message. Could be something minor, I wouldn't be overly concerned unless it sits there for days without any updating at all.

  • This is exactly the default oops thing.

  • Yep it was delivered today no problem, must have just been because they listed it as "out for delivery" without actually delivering it or changing it to something else after some amount of time.

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    I see the issue was resolved. I get those notices when my daughter orders too much from Amazon or Fingerhut. They redeliver the next day or two.

  • @MissingGuts the same thing has happened to me 3 of my last 4 orders. Today I had something “Out for delivery”, but nothing showed up. Hoping it arrives tomorrow. Another order was received, but it still says “in transit” on ID. Yet another order has the red “Alert” symbol from 5/4, but still has not arrived. Just have to wait and hope it shows up. If it simply doesn’t show up after weeks, surely @medboy will make it right!

    I’ll keep you posted on my orders.



  • My apologies.. the order I mentioned with the “Alert” that’s still “awaiting delivery scan” is from May 2nd. I know the local mail has been terrible lately as well, but seeing how the item is apparently at my local post office, there’s no reason it shouldn’t come tomorrow.

  • Update.. package that was "out for delivery" yesterday now says "delivered", but the order from 5/2 still shows as "Alert- Awaiting Delivery Scan". We'll see!


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