The Bizz??

Anyone out there try the Bizz yet? Haven't seen any reviews on it. I have a bit on order and was wondering what people thought of it so far. (Probably should have asked before I ordered an oz 🙃)


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    You can be our Guinea Pig. :D

  • I'm very curious myself but I don't have the funds to blow out of curiosity right now

  • I think most people stocked up on the 4/20 sale and haven't needed to reorder yet ( I know I did and really shouldn't be). Wanted to add some more cherry pie to my stash before it ran out so I figured I would give the Bizz a shot as well.... Hoping it's a good nighttime / bedtime strain. Will try to do a review once it gets here.

  • I got a half of the bizz coming i will let you know

  • Got my The Bizz today looks and smells awesome will be trying it later tonight

  • The Bizz

    Sorry for the shit pic. Definitely looks better in hand.
    Haven't tried it yet but has amazing aroma.

  • Looks amazing!

  • How is this strain?

  • @posternugbag here are my notes on it:

    Chunky light green nugs. Creamy lemon/citrus dank aroma. Potent, cerebral focused high with nice body relaxation.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 thanks brother. I need a new indica in the mix. Good on my sativas with Lodi Dodi, Sour Joker, SD, and JH doing their jobs. Almost out of Layer Cake which was a heavy hitter and just down to some shake and kief in my GMO and Blackberry Octane jars. Still got some Blueberry Zittlez from January but not a huge fan of that one really - pretty good for sleep but that’s about it for me. Maybe this batch is better but I want to try something new. I would jump on BlackBerry Octane if that came back.

    Thanks for sharing your notes! 😎🌲

  • @posternugbag No problem! Of course my little review is subjective since this wonderful plant affects us all in different ways, but I'm glad I was able to help.

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    @posternugbag if you like sativas like me, keep an eye out for XJ-13 and Pineapple Express. XJ-13 is one of a kind awesome. Pineapple Express is similar to Sour D, but it's slightly more creative and smells amazing. It's my favorite music listening strain.

  • @Sixwaychili i am a sativa enthusiast. Been puffing on sour d since like 2001 or so. Never realized that Pineapple Express was similar to SD - I guess since it’s named after that silly stoner movie I never gave it a second look, lol. I lurked these forums for awhile before creating a username and did read good things about the XJ-13. If it shows up as indoor or premium I will definitely grab a half or so to try. Not really interested in any greenhouse strains. I got a quarter of the Sour OG a month or two ago and wasn’t too big on it. Thanks for the recs my friend. 😎🌲

  • @Sixwaychili Also noticed today Loud has a new Sativa on the menu Joker #12, I think it’s called. I got some of Mama’s Premium Sour Joker when it first showed up and that is a pretty solid sativa. I imagine this joker is similar to that strain after reading the description. Though the buzz I get from it almost leans more Indica so I tend not to reach for that one during the day as much. Gives me a very cerebral high but then I kind of crash from it.

    Started today with Mama’s Jack Herer and i like that one for a more mild effect during the daylight hours.

  • @posternugbag yeah, my eye is on Jokerz #12 as well.

  • Was disappointed in Jokerz 12 as it was pitched like it was the Sour Joker and its nothing like it unfortunately

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