The Bizz??

Anyone out there try the Bizz yet? Haven't seen any reviews on it. I have a bit on order and was wondering what people thought of it so far. (Probably should have asked before I ordered an oz 🙃)


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    You can be our Guinea Pig. :D

  • I'm very curious myself but I don't have the funds to blow out of curiosity right now

  • I think most people stocked up on the 4/20 sale and haven't needed to reorder yet ( I know I did and really shouldn't be). Wanted to add some more cherry pie to my stash before it ran out so I figured I would give the Bizz a shot as well.... Hoping it's a good nighttime / bedtime strain. Will try to do a review once it gets here.

  • I got a half of the bizz coming i will let you know

  • Got my The Bizz today looks and smells awesome will be trying it later tonight

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