wookie girl?

would love to see a pic of this flower / hear from anyone who got it. .


  • Should be here on Tuesday

  • Indoor Wookie Girl- mama

    Beautiful colored buds. Aroma is dank. (Fruit mixed with gas) Taste is wonderful, especially those first few hits of vaping.
    High is relaxed yet euphoric & uplifting.

    I'd say get some while you can 😄

    Thank you @medmama!

  • Great pic. I am sold! Thanks.

  • Dam. Might have to grab some myself

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    Sweet! @ChunksEggo8187 very nice looking! Curious what’s your fav in recent orders. Trying to decide 🤔 been eyeing this wookie..does it favor GSC? Thx

  • @superman38NC Just vaped some more of Wookie Girl. Definitely feels like it favors GSC, in terms of the euphoric high. This stuff is great!

  • Looks great! I took a serious look at the Wookie Girl and its GSC genetics, but I've been in somewhat of a flower coma since 4/20 as we stocked up pretty well. White Tahoe Cookies popped up on the menu at my local med. dispensary today and I've always wanted to try it so I'll probably pick up a 1/2 tomorrow. Very similar genetics: the White x Tahoe OG x GSC. It has the potential to be a pretty heavy and sleepy strain.🙂😴

  • Thx! @ChunksEggo8187 what would you choose if you had to pick between this or Loud’s Sunset Sherbert?

  • @superman38NC Tough decision since both are different highs. Both are great though.

  • Appreciate it @ChunksEggo8187 its always a hard decision lately. Lots of great choices

  • @superman38NC no doubt, for me...wookie during the day & Sherbert for evenings.

  • I ordered an 1/8th to try it, it came in today.... and let me just say, YES! Very easy smoke. Even and light high. Definitely cookies profile. I’d say it’s GSC effects, but no paranoia or heady~heaviness. Quite even and it’s working great for my PTSD/ anxiety and racing thoughts. Pain relief wise it’s not as hard-hitting as some other’s, but still takes most the edge off. 10/10 recommend :smiley:

  • Thx as well! @ilikedogs just ordered some Wookie , Jack Herer, & SD shatter. I ❤️ this site.

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