:( I hate alcohol 🍸

Well last night my buddies came over and asked if I'd like to go celebrate one of their birthdays. I said I would but I won't be drinking because I hate the feeling and almost always end up in the hospital. Well. We had a DD so I said screw it ill drink for a special occasion. BAD BAD BAD MISTAKE. I came in and fell over and broke almost all my glass pieces so I need an oil rig that will blow my head off a good banger and a good flower bowl attatchment.


  • Ya know whats even worse? Buying booze while being drunk and leaving your wallet at the store.

  • Bro beans thats a shit mistake lol but happens to us all

  • You can find a glass blower to Fix your pieces

  • I quit drinking alcohol and started smoking bud, been good 21 years so far. When your drunk, your 10 feet tall and bulletproof. When your stoned asf, your shy and too high to feel anything.

  • I needed kratom to fix the alcoholism- I've found a happy medium and can even socially drink- but I don't.

  • I don't drink period and I thought just to celebrate my friends bday I'd partake in a couple pints of ale.



  • @MikeyC did it really help alcoholism bc iminterested

  • Weed helped me with alcohol. Haven't touched the stuff in 6 yrs

  • I just have an alcohol habit if that makes sense. I need to find something else to drink while I'm smoking. Dry mouth is the worst side effect of cannabis.

  • Yes. It went from a hangover cure to a replacement. I take small amounts daily. It's as intricate as cannabis with different effects from different strains as well. Be careful and ymmv. Also avoid extracts

  • @mikey don’t know much about kratom even after researching it. Ive heard good and bad.

  • I've heard good and bad about cannabis too

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