Strain Alerts?

I have alerts set up for bitcoin to email and text as the price hits preselected points. After a bowl of sunset sherbet this morning it has occurred to me I could really use alerts when new strains hit. Until then I will just keep on refreshing.


  • I just now bought some at 46995.00 Hope I don't lose my ass, but it's always sweeter when your weed is mostly free.

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    With this inflation, I would think Bitcoin worth would continue to decline as investors liquidate. Time will tell...

  • The price is being manipulated by institutions, especially Tesla with their sudden stop of support. But it will not last because bitcoin is the absolute hedge against inflation.

  • Think it needs to stay the way it is now . The mm crew as alot going on keeping up with all the orders.

  • Menu looks great! Mama just added some new ones too.

  • China is cracking down on bitcoin so there digital yen can maybe take bitcoin will take a hit for a minute

  • Already the news cycle is fighting back as the Wuhan lab leak theory news is hot off the presses of the wsj

  • It's great to buy the dips. I bought some more at $33K.

  • Bought two OZ's of Grand Daddy Purple with my winnings Last Tuesday the 18th. Haven't got it yet. Informed delv says the label has been made but it hasn't been shipped. Loud seems to do that while the RSO I got from mama on the 21st will be here tomorrow.

  • Anybody have pics of premium black water ?

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