Rain Maker W/Pic

edited May 17 in Product Reviews

When I opened the bag a aroma of fresh herbs, flowers and citrus wafted upwards making my mouth water. Myrcene is the most prevalent terp with linalool not far behind ,it's floral slightly citrusy aroma comes through at the end. The bud's are medium to small with the absolute perfect cure "not a crispy in the bunch". The bud's are a darker green with rust colored hair flowing throughout. There's a light dusting of crystals evenly distributed through the bud's. The high started creeping in after a couple of minutes, starting behind the eyes with a warm sensation. A relaxing wave slowly worked its way down my neck into my back relaxing all built up tension. It's a welcoming happy high that will make you appreciate your favorite couch or chair 😁. The smoke is just like the smell ,all herbs and flowers with a hint of citrus and spice. Rain Maker's a worthy indica, I don't know about a sleep strain but it definitely has hammock potential.


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