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Hi. Sorry if this has been asked a hundred times before. But what do I do if tracking shows the package was delivered in my mailbox but I never got it? I reported to medboy but have no way to prove I didn't get it. I don't think I want to report a missing package do I? I live in Atlanta so stolen mail isn't uncommon! Thanks!


  • Let medboy take care of it . All you can do is ask him what to do. not on this comment page tho. Just email them may take 24 to 48;hrs to get back to you . I have been with this site for 8 yrs and have never been let down . Also your mail man may have the answer and yes I would report it . You rec'd something off line no one as to know what

  • Sorry to hear that...frustrating as hell. This has happened to me. You'll have to contact your local post office. Once it states "delivered", there is nothing medboy can do.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 Dam that's bad never had that happen before .
    What does the post office do when you call . Will they try and locate package ?

  • The only thing a shipper has to go by to determine if a package was delivered is tracking. If the USPS has marked it as delivered, then the shipper considers it was delivered. Your best option is to contact the USPS with the tracking number and ask them to look. I've seen many cases where the mailperson recalls where they left the package.

  • @tac yeah it sucks. Postal workers fudging their numbers. Luckily, it was delivered the next day for me.

  • Thanks for your responses! I have reported things missing to the post office here before and they've never come up with anything so that's probably a waste of time. I emailed @medboy but I don't think there's much he can do since it shows delivered and I'm new🙁

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    That sucks @Donkey1 I once had a pkg show as delivered, but it wasn't actually delivered til the next day. Definitely sounds like your local postal service has some problems. I would go to your local post office and tell them your problem.

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    I'd be concerned that if was mis-delivered and and recipient opened it up and discovered it's contents, then either reported it to Law Enforcement or the USPS and then you approach the USPS about it.....I've previously thought about it and if questioned by anybody I'd claim I don't know anything about it.

  • You got to watch your mailbox like a hawk when expecting a package.its really easy if informed delivery is working. If you dont have it just start watching starting at the 3 day point if you sure helps keep the buzzards away! Plus never let anyone know about what your expecting especially friends.they tell then that person tells another then the whole community are just waiting to pounce your package. This girl trust no one when it comes to her

  • @Kayla your 100 percent Right... trust no 1 tell no 1 ur business.

  • yup Kayla is right. I haven't read all of the replies but just in case it hasn't been suggested you can try installing surveillance cameras to watch your mailbox. If that doesn't work if you don't have a job you can camp outside your mailbox with a gun lol.

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