Happy! ⭐️

We are starting to get on the other side of the pandemic and I’m happy. Shoutout to therapy. Shoutout to the USPS for getting my order to me in 4 days. AND I ordered on Memorial Day weekend. That hasn’t happened since before the pandemic!

Last but not least, shoutout to @medmama for the dope ass cherry pie that I am enjoying on a nice southern day and the banana kush that I enjoyed that put me to sleep last night. ⭐️


  • @TutorGirl I just broke into our second ounce of Cherry Pie from 4/20, today! That is some fine medicine...my wife's all-time favorite!

  • @TutorGirl I'm still pissed about missing that split on 4/20 and now there's so much more to choose from lol.

  • The mammoth skunk and master kush is still loved from. Loud 4/20

  • Always had great delivery times from MM

  • Ive noticed that too about my medmama orders, they always get here before my loud&co orders. The fastest i got a package was four days. The longest wait was 31 days. That was hell waiting, wondering, waiting and wondering.

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