Thank you MM for an amazing customer support

This is just a quick thanks for MM and his team for always guaranteeing quality of products and responsiveness. He answered every concern, question, shipping requests and product questions better then the Amazon fleet :)
Moving from a shady bipolar dealer to MM has been the best thing. I was skeptical but now I am found.

Thanks MM


  • I have always said that the customer service here is above and beyond but there's a catch!

    Only if you actually contact them after the appropriate time window.

    Everytime I have had to they not only resolved my issue but made me an offer I couldn't refuse... But could eat or vape or smoke!

  • Glad to hear I was able to help!

  • @Southsurf welcome to a very supportive family.

  • Hats off to the whole crew! Any issue is quickly delt with, Gotta love em! Thank you for the awesome products you provide.

  • The coustemer support is better than any retail store honestly the best

  • I've only been here since November, but yeah the relief you feel going from a shady dealer to someone who operates like a's a completely different world. 👍🏼

  • Agreed, the first few orders are a bit nerve wracking but in time you will order with the confidence of going through a drive through lol. I don't miss getting whatever the streets had to offer abit.

  • I agree totally…ordered last Wednesday. Label created but no new movement until this am when my order arrived to my city. I may not get it today but to know it’s on its way is very pleasing. This is the second time in a row that my package came within four business days. I love MedMan and yes I got rid of my dealer who appeared to rip me off upon occasion. Keep up the awesome work MedMan!

  • 100 percent

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