Summer Break

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UPDATE July 16: The site's back and items are again available! Please note that emails are still delayed until I'm fully returned on Sunday. Thanks!

Hi everyone! It's finally summer and with that comes a short store shutdown while we all get a little break. The store will be closed from Sunday July 11th until Friday the 16th. If you're able to place an order on either of these days, it WILL be fulfilled! A notice will go on the site and all inventory will disappear when orders are shut off. Replies to emails will be non-existent for that week, so please don't send multiples. I promise to get back to everyone as fast as I can upon my return.



  • @medboy thanks for the heads up!

  • Hope you have a restful break!

  • Have fun on the vacation. Take lots of pictures and smoke lots of herb! :smiley:

  • Dreadlock Holidays!!!!!

  • Well deserved MM Crew! Needed I’m sure. We appreciate you guys!

  • Enjoy the Break! Post pictures, it be cool to gather new wild strains from a far. But thats work not a break.

  • have a wonderful break

  • Good call 👍🏼 We all need to relax this summer

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    Go somewhere with liberal drug laws and no extradition treaty😉. Enjoy your well deserved break guys and girls.

  • TacTac
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    Have a nice summer break

  • Bring back some Funk after vacation!Looking forward to it!!!

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